Maybe if the press does there job they would ask Kamala Harris

Who are those political opponents that you speak of.

On Friday she sent a letter to the CoJ inspector general demanding that he investigates whether the White House had urged CoJ to investigate Trump political opponents.

So may question…who are they Kamala Harris? Who are those opponents that you speak of?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Watched her question Barr and she’s doing everything to protect Obama from him.

She asked IG Michael Horowitz to investigate if Trump asked to investigatePreformatted text anyone.

The letter comes days after Harris questioned Barr Tuesday at the Senate hearing over details in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report that noted instances where Trump had either suggested or called for the Department of Justice to investigate Hillary Clinton.

Harris quizzed Barr whether Trump or anyone at the White House had asked him to investigate anyone – an exchange it detailed in its letter to Horowitz.

In that exchange, Harris asked: “Has the President or anyone at the White House ever asked or suggested that you open an investigation of anyone?”

Do you see where she going with this?

I think she not smart enough to realize she just let the cat out. :wink:

Apparently she can’t find her shoe.

Need to get FBI on it. :wink:

Maybe we can get FOX reporter to ask her. I really want to know who those political opponents that she speaking of.

Sounds like Kamala may be trying to, you know….obstruct.…an investigation

Get Loretta to an Arizona hangar ASAP!

Who are these inquiring minds?

Me for one.

Don’t you want to know yourself?

An actual “inquiring mind” would do some research before starting a thread, or after they’ve been handed information on a silver platter, as in the thread you started on Biden and working people.

You’re just trying to score some political points.

I am doing some research…part of doing research is asking questions. Seems to me you have a problem with that…why?

So are you going to make this about me…or are you going to help and answer my questions?

So. If CoJ if have actual evidence that is calibrated ad confirmed…not unsubstantiated then you investigate.

Or libs masters off limits?

I guess I should have read it before commenting.

After reading it my original thought/comment stands. :wink:

That is opinion. Can you show where Trump mentioned Biden?

No. If anyone tries to stop the investigation that would be obstruction of justice.

Its ok for Trump to start an investigation as long as he tells everyone it is to be done “by the book”, and emails himself to prove it.


It’s not an error. It’s propaganda.

But thank you.

Why is the DoJ still referred to as the CoJ with the Republicans having been running the DoJ for now 27 months???

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Baby Donnie sees political opponents under every bed and in every Big Mac styrofoam container and behind every golden toilet. That’s what she’s referring to.

Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with that.