MAXINE EXPLODES: Waters Says Trump ‘Deserves Impeachment’ for ‘Loving Dictators’ | Sean Hannity

Firebrand Congresswoman Maxine Waters called -yet again- for the impeachment of President Trump this week; labeling the Commander-in-Chief a “dangerous” man who has “aligned himself with the enemy.”

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I can’t wait to see what this bass mouth does about the Equifax hacking because so far not a darn thing has been done about it.

But I think we all know - she’ll do NOTHING but go after Trump.

What has she accomplished? All she does is yell impeach! Someone should investigate her dealings in Congress

Impeach him because he loves dictators? Like the dictator of Cuba, Castro? Oh wait, that was the Obama administration.

Unfortunately, that is all that Maxine can do is explode. However, she should sweep off her door stoop before finding Fault with anyone. Who encouraged people to harass and threaten those who agreed with President Trump, who used campaign money for her daughter? Before makin accusations Maxie needs to find the proof, and look what Pres. Trump accomplished that Obama could not. Jobs came back, higher employment, Saudi Arabia ready to talk to Israel, Meeting with North Korea and South Korea, trade agreements with Mexico and Canada, and working with China considering tariffs and trade.

Maxine is so unhinged that she truly believes that NOTHING she and the Democrats do is wrong while nothing the President does is right. She probably thinks that she could walk into the Oval Office and shoot the President dead and be hailed as a national hero. Says something about the people who keep re-electing her.

Maxine should have to undergo a mental examination to determine her competence to be in Congress. I think she acts irrational and borders on Schizophrenic. She sees monsters where there are none.