Mattis "World's most overrated general"

Trump was not happy with this former Sec. of Defense calling him the Worlds most overrated general.

President Trump on Wednesday called his former Defense secretary James Mattis “the world’s most overrated general” during a tense meeting with lawmakers on the situation in Syria.

Trump met with Democratic and Republican leaders at the White House to discuss Turkey’s incursion into northern Syria following his decision to pull U.S. forces from the area.

During the meeting, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) read a quote from Mattis’s appearance Sunday on “Meet the Press,” where he warned that “ISIS will resurge” if the U.S. does not keep the pressure on in that region.

Trumps exhaustive military experience certainly gives him the subject matter expert knowledge to make such a claim.

Who here recalls a simpler time when so called conservatives on this forum insisted that in these dangerous times a President has to have military experience. Oh thats right the never said that, just like they never supported the invasion of Iraq or the Patriot Act. Silly me and my dreadful memory.


Is that like the left never supporting pulling out of Iraq that subsequently led to the rise of ISIS?

It’s not like that. In fact it has no relevance whatsoever to the OP.


The rise of ISIS was due to ill advised debathification. But you knew that :wink:

That’s not what General Mattis says.

What General Mattis says no longer matters. He is now persona non grata with Trump which makes him part of the deep state and a globalist lib.


No not at all.

Once again Trump makes judgement based on how loyal that person was to him and not how he performed his job.

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Cadet Bone Spurs reporting for duty!


Mattis was on the Theranos board - probably should give some of that $150k/year back to the people they defrauded…

Bad Board member, bad!!!

C’mon Mad dog, spill the beans!


Just keep digging Donny boy

It’s unfortunate Trump always chooses this path.

Trump is living proof Johnson was correct.

Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier, or not having been at sea.

Samuel Johnson


Mattis was, and is a true badass. Sure, he may have been a Department of the Navy guy, but no one’s perfect. :man_shrugging:


Are you sure it’s not? - “Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier, unless you’d be stationed in Syria, then, uh, you go.”


Aahhhh…the class and integrity we always expect from DJT!!

Never lets us down. :us::elephant:

Trump really comes across as one of those loud mouth snobby rich kids thats never been punched in the face or been in a fight, and needs to get punched in the face


I agree and wonder why?

The majority of illegal face punching in high society is performed by people who would look up to Trump?

Kids at an expensive private school/boarding school don’t punch each other too much?

People don’t want to fight 6’3” 230 pound people?

So many theories!