Matt Gatz to file ethic charges against Pelosi

Matt Gaetz to file ethic charges against Pelosi. It will probably take a while for this to come to a vote. I would like to see it come to a vote though. I think she should be censured.

Matt Gaetz Stupidity once again on display.

The human version of a Frat Paddle strikes again.


I get that you dont like him, but will the house be forced to respond? If they are forced to respond, what do you think that response will be?

Censured for what?

His “probe” revolves around the already-debunked Charlie Kirk claim that she “destroyed official documents” when she ripped up the speech.

It’s theater for the uninformed.


Conduct disrupting the house. Remember Joe Wilson? What was he charged with? He actually told the truth. Obama was lying at the time.

Dude… even Ingraham says that he is full of it.

Gaetz is a clown.

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Joe Wilson was not “charged” with anything.

What does him being a clown have to do with anything?

Will the house ethics committee have to respond to his allegation?

He can join with Gosar and make this happen.

It is not clear if such a resolution would ever come to the floor, since Pelosi controls the House agenda. There is a provision that allows a “discharge” petition, which could force a censure motion to the floor, but that would require at least some Democratic support.


Too funny, yet he seems to own libs.

Why should the House respond? She didn’t break any law, that was a copy not the filed original. That was hers to do with as she pleased. She chose to rip it up, after the speech ended. Almost precisely. So as not to interrupt the speech I would gather.

Gaetz is just trying to get back into the good graces of his beloved after he actually disagreed with him on one issue and was taken to the woodshed.


Wait… you see ineffectual circus clowning as “owning the libs”?

Okay then


My opinion…make the awful actions of Pelosi a political issue and forget the censure. They know the Dems aren’t gong to censure her, so requesting a censure is just as much an idle and divisive political act as Pelosi’s impeachment of Trump was.
Can’t we ever just settle disagreements about what is acceptable in debates anymore?

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He was censured.

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They will laugh at him and he will claim victory.

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No, he wasn’t.

And you think lib clowns are better?

You know that that line of argument fall flat when others use it. Why do you think it would work now?

Newsweek is wrong?

As expected, the House voted this evening to censure Rep. Joe (You Lie!) Wilson (R-S.C.) for interrupting President Obama’s speech to Congress last week.