Matrix 4 is coming!

Coming to HBO and theaters 12/22!

I thought the second and third installments were kind of ‘meh’, but the first was brilliant.

I hope the new one stands up

I caught two spots in the trailer where the original matrix movie was being projected.

“The Matrix” being used within the matrix to explain away feeling of the matrix?

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I have no expectations for this to be good, so it will be a pleasant surprise if it turns out well.

I’m worn down by bad movie sequels haunting things I like. What did they do to you Jurassic Park and Alien? At least Aliens was good…

I dunno. For whatever reason, Neo is back in The Matrix.

Fair, but some sequels are good.

To your example, I think Aliens was the best film on that franchise.

I just cancelled HBO max. 10 days ago.

Malignant releases tmw and i can’t resist random horror movie hype even though The Conjuring 3 was trash tier ( Wan didn’t direct it but…)

Can’t do it.

I’m thinking about putting Disney/Hulu on the block, though

I agree…

The Matrix Redux is a HBO attempt to get people back.

I hate to disappoint Keanu.

Movies at the theater are better anyway.

My theater is better than those theaters

Arrival of Wang, on Amazon prime MHZ channel was a good surprise. The French Village is on MHZ too,

Trailer looked like it was for a decent enough movie. The colors were… different.

The first was an instant classic the second one sucked, and the the third was atrocious. They should leave that be unless they can do the first movie justice.


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