Massive Explosion in Beirut

Didn’t look like a fireworks explosion.

I’m not so sure about fireworks. Detonation vs Deflagration.

2750 tons of ammonium nitrate that had been stored for six years I saw in a tweet from their vice president or something.

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Kind of reminds me of these num nuts.

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It was impressive.

I’m thinking there is something more to this…

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Here is another shot of that.

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Gives you a good idea of that impact.


That my favorite non-nuclear explosion of all time.

It was at this moment, he knew he done ■■■■■■ up…

Oh ■■■■■■■

Swan Song is one of my all time favourite horror/post apoc novels.

I even once wrote some Colonel Macklin fan fiction … :zipper_mouth_face:

Discipline and Control!

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Mine too. Never seen anything like that.

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As we all know there was a giant explosion at the port of Beirut today. Incredible footage of it:

Horrible. So what are people thinking? I’m thinking it is an explosion of chemicals at the port. Not a terrorist attack. Giant explosion in Beirut’s port doesn’t really make too much sense as a good terror attack site. Also no claims. But we’ll see.

Trump is already pushing the idea it’s a bomb. In his normal “I’ve been told” kind of way. I think this falls in the category of keep your damned mouth shut until we know, but Trump picks and chooses that.

I do appreciate that this time he said that the generals knew more than him. He’s changed his tone slightly.

i heard a report it was 2000+ tons of ammonium nitrate store in a warehouse.

Beruit has been relatively quiet for a while. Terrorism is certainly a possibility but very likely this was an accident similar to the Texas City explosion.

Fertilizer explosion kills 581 in Texas - HISTORY.

In 2013 we had another ammonium nitrate explosion that devastated a small town as well.

However if it was unguarded this was certainly an ideal set of circumstances for terrorists to take advantage of.

Irresponsible as hell to store such a volatile explosive so close to such a densely populated area.

It should have been shipped out years ago to be used legally for explosives or as chemical fertilizer.

Que Bono?

FOX news have before and after photos.

They claim the explosion was about 2.2 kilotons of TNT. To put that into perspective wasn’t Little Boy 15 kilotons?

Well here’s a surprise. Trump has to walk back his ignorant claim:

Curtesy of airbus