Massive Explosion in Beirut

Looks a lot like that explosion in Arabia a few years back when they bombed a munitions depot.

Various angles of the explosion. Just look at that compression wave. Hot damn…

That video is like, holy crap.

I’m guessing a Hezbollah precision missile warehouse got knocked ?

I saw that earlier. Man, that is bad.

Talk about an oh ■■■■ moment.

Also your video is stating it’s private and will not play.

I changed it to link-only. This one ought to work. It shows what that large building in front of it looked like afterward.

Israel and Hezbollah are both denying responsibility

click for vids. Holy moly. That shockwave.

It is a private video?

The vid I posted you see the fires already raging and transformers(?) popping off before the big boom.

All that red in the sky, I’m guessing thats from that grain tower? Wow wow wow.

It appears to have been taken down in the last few minutes. :thinking:

I’ll find another. Shame, there were three different videos of the blast in that one.

this IG has 4 vids:

It’s like the city of West, Texas explosion but dropped in the middle of a busy port.

I have a hard time believing fireworks would do that. Then again, I’m not even remotely versed in explosives.

RPG’s are fireworks. :wink:



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Lots of similarities to the one a few years back. You can see munitions exploding in the fire before the whole shebang goes off.

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Thanks. I had already seen the video so it didn’t matter to me, but others may not have seen it yet. :slight_smile:

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Looks like fireworks


At the height of the Cold War in the 1980s there was a post-apocalyptic horror/fiction novel by Robert McCammon called “Swan Song”, which started off with the devil enticing humanity into destroying itself in a nuclear holocaust.

One of the trigger events was a terror attack using a small nuclear weapon in Beirut.

When I saw this video, I had a flashback to that book.