Mass shootings, motivation for, and weapon(s) used

I believe I read that this Ohio shooting represents the 250th mass shooting this year. My intention in this thread is to have a discussion on the specifics mentioned in the title. What qualifies something as a “mass shooting”? What has been the increase over the years? With 250 shootings I’m assuming there must be various motivations for them? Finally what have been the different weapons used, and what if any trends with the types?

People have problems. Other people have answers that don’t address people’s problems. People want to be heard. Other people don’t want to hear it. People snap in various ways. Sensationalism gets heard.


You forgot the part about being able to buy a rifle… at age 18 in Texas…

Apparently in Texas immigration and fear of the rise of Democrats were in the manifesto.

I didn’t forget to be as short sighted as blaming tools for what users do with them. I chose not to be.

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The RAND corporation provided a pretty good analysis last year:

Some tidbits -

  1. FBI defines a mass shooting as four or more victims of gun violence (shooter not included) in a single location

  2. Incidents of active shooters increased 16% between 2000 and 2013

The study points out that there is no universally agreed upon definition of “mass shooting.” It also doesn’t get into the types of firearms used.

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You guys do seem to have an outsized problem with this though, there are other developed nations with significant amounts of firearms owned by civilians.

He’ll have been radicalised online.

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I can’t speak for people in your country, but I know the darker aspects of growing up in the U.S. Those types of problems don’t go away, but they sure as heck do evolve into something worse when left to brew under pressure. An outlet is inevitable, for better or for worse.

Speaking of short sighted, President Bush (the first one) banned the importation of assault weapons in 1989 which was followed by the Assault Weapons Ban in 1994… In 2004, the ban expired and was not renewed… Since then, we have imported, manufactured and sold thousands and thousands of these weapons in the US. Is it any coincidence that we are seeing more and more killings like this?

From what I recall most mass shooters use handguns. And something like 90% of US gun homicides are also handguns.

It makes sense given concealability and availability.

The internet is a blessing and a curse. Everything is interconnected, but isolated and mentally unwell kids are vulnerable to online radicalisation more than ever.

And white nationalist groups have become quite adept at radicalising dissaffected youths, they’re probably better at it than ISIS/Al Qaeda now, the techniques aren’t all that dissimilar.

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Hell. There are even NAZIs radicalizing people on DeviantArt.

At some point your Government is going to have to start designating white nationalist groups as flat out domestic terror groups, and start shutting down the propaganda outlets and websites/forums.

■■■■ like vdare is still openly circulated on social media by mainstream conservative figures.

It is doubtful that will happen.

Isolated and mentally ill people who have had real and serious trauma that has gone untreated, ignored, denied, and compounded by others their whole lives. None of us have an answer to make that stop happening now, either.

Given that, it’s no wonder some people want to take the simpleton route and just blame guns.

You could maybe keep a lid on the propaganda exposure online.

Your Govt is doing virtually nothing on that front atm when it comes to white nationalism. Whereas Islamic radlisation sources are heavily targeted.

Ideally of course you’d give them the support they needed before they got radlicased. But that would take real money and effort so it won’t happen.

I think it will within the next 10 years, but perhaps i’m being overly optimistic.

No, we can’t. This is the internet.

I think you are also.

There will always be a place for these people to hide out.

Right now they are in the open, because that is the hell that we live in… the political tide may shift and they will once again go underground but they will always be there preying on the fears and insecurities of less than average white people telling them that they are special and the cause is just.