Mass shooting in Mexico

9 Americans killed. Sonora area. Trump says the killers and their cohorts the drug cartels should be wiped off the planet

Any disagreements?

Winning the drug war may be the one thing Trump can accomplish that no other president could, given his propensity for draconian orders. In this one case it’s justified.

An actual fighting-war on drug cartels should be declared, and all drug cartel members should be executed immediately, not just sent to prisons where they continue their lives of depravity.

Thoughts and prayers.

Sad stuff, some very dangerous areas in Mexico

I dont believe in executions without due process for one. Dont get me wrong but the cartels need to be disassembled but alot easier said then done. First it would be an all out guerrilla war where no one knows who the enemy is. Two, trumps propriety to forgive service members of war crimes will be a problem sending troops anywhere. Three, it’s a multi multi billion dollar industry that when one goes down several more will take its place. As long as Americans buy their drugs it will never be taken down.

These cartels are the same ones who are killing people here in the United States as well. They all deserve sanctuary. Right dems?

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We sure gave el chapo sanctuary !

Go tell them “Valdez is Coming”!

We need to do whatever it takes to keep this out of the US. In the mean time, stay clear of Mexico.

If the Mexican government can’t control its cartel problem then maybe the United States should use its tremendous military and root out the problem altogether. Mexico has amazing natural resources that can be secured and protected by our military. Many people are saying we should annex parts of Mexico in order to protect our people, and theirs, and the resources that we want. The further south we go the shorter the wall will be, which is an added bonus.

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“We declared war, and it didn’t work,” Lopez Obrador said, referring to the policies of previous administrations. “That is not an option.”

Ok. If Mexico is going to do nothing to fight this, the most we can do is seal it off in Mexico. Build that wall…and more.

Totallyz bro!

Could it be people who are concerned for their families saftey who are fleeing north for a better life?

You obviously didnt watch Breaking Bad

but “murders happen every day”

plus they just come in through entry points…

Who were these people that got murdered? Why were they there?

I see they were Mormons living down there. Polygamists. Probably scared the hell out of yhe locals. Dang ■■■■ stupid people. So sad and heartbreaking.

there is some ex pat communities down there. These happen to be from a mormon camp. They were going to a wedding some where from the reporting

Its just ■■■■■■■ outrageous. It just hurts

Those people killed are locals and may have been caught up in the drug trade. From I gather from someone that worked in the area and familiar with this religious sect is that this community has been implicated in the past by the CBP for acting as drug mules. Maybe there was a connection, maybe not. Either way doesn’t justify the killings. If was connected with drug trafficking I would dial back on the President’s go to war rhetoric.