Mass shooting in Chicago but Defund the Police!

A mass shooting in a gun ban leftist city reportedly 17 shot, but hey, Defund the Police!


Sadly it appears to be gang retaliation and the continuation of a battle that landed the subject of the funeral in the morgue to start with.

Obviously the victims should have just called for a social worker and an anger management specialist social worker.


Protection/security details allocated to politicians supporting “defund” should be refusing to be deployed in those roles until their fellow security workers, the police, have their hands untied and are allowed to meet force and cunning with superior overpowering force and cunning.


Absolutely, if they are going to cut protections for their constituents the need to be stripped of their own.

All protections for the protesters and rioters should come to an immediate stop as well.

If that doesn’t do the trick pull the cops out completely and protect only public buildings and property ie city, state, and federal.

Let the rest burn.

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blacklivesmatter and peaceful protests.

What ever happened to that organized community??

I am not sure if I should rejoice at the PD budget savings or the return of the law of the west.

I urge people to get upset at this and demand the full funding and support of the PD.


I have been trying to get the supporters to define a goal.

Here is one that would work.

Reformulate Police review boards and give them the power to override police union on policy and officer firing.

Without a goal…the tires are spinning and the vehicle isn’t moving.


The people of Chicago voted for this turd mayor and are getting exactly what they asked for. How long will people depend on this government source of failure? That’s all that will ever come of this Democrat agenda for the common man…failure. They promise, you believe, they don’t deliver what they never had to promise and the bottom line is… violence, murder, theft, drugs, single-parent homes, unprepared children that can’t even pass a math test and a future of economic failure that’s destined to repeat itself in the next generation.


They should cut protection to their stupid mayor 1st of all.

Mayors, governors et al.

Not only are they removing protections for those who elected them there is a concerted effort to arrest and prosecute those who take it upon themselves to defend themselves, their homes and property and public property all while hiding behind their own police and private security details.

Anyone standing up to the mob must be removed from society while the criminals are dumped en masse from the jails and prisons and go completely unabated in their rioting, looting, and destruction of monuments and public property.

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Lightfoot is about the worst of them all. Cater to the criminals above all else.

You have to wonder what, if anything, goes on in the head of such a person.

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It’s been said that an armed society is a polite society. Is the problem maybe that not enough people in the affected communities have guns?

“What should I do? Hmm…doesnt matter, I guess.
No one would fire a black lesbian democrat”

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She’s got a lot of stiff competition starting with Mayors like Bloomberg who drove his own ship to the middle of the Atlantic, set it on fire and continues blaming Trump for not putting it out.


The Heart Association is so lame. They totally ignore lung cancer.


The only “Black Lives” that matter are those they can use for democrat political advantage.

The rest are meaningless to them.

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When the felons have the majority of the guns and the gov’t ceases to pursue them, instead choosing to go after law abiding citizens who use them in lawful self defense you have the rapid breakdown of civilized society.

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Would more police have stopped this shooting? Would more guns have stopped this shooting?

Of course you have zero evidence of this happening. But it sounds scary

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Internal issues that no one on the outside can fix.

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