Mass Murder in Venezuela

17 young people dead, including 8 minors in nightclub in Caracas.

Started with a fight.

And no gun needed.

Well, there you go then!

Do away with all background checks period. They obviously just aren’t needed.

Cutting down on the mindless ranting and trolling would be ever so refreshing.

When was the last time we checked your background?

Nobody cares about mass murders in Venezuela?

@Cratic3947 might.

The lefties don’t much care unless a gun is involved.

So it’s about the gun, not the kids?

That was a pretty cheap shot.

I hope they caught the jerk.

Yes, it would, wouldn’t it?

I hope he’s among the dead.

We’ve got enough here, don’t you think?

Is this incident supposed to be reflective of their culture? Because you probably don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.

I’ll follow you down any rabbit hole you want to go down.

Are you saying Las Vegas and Parkland are reflective of our cultures?

If it had been done with an AR how many would be here.

If the murders in Venezuela are reflective of theirs, it seems a logical follow up question.

Mass murder by individuals is not reflective of any culture I’m aware of.

If it had been done with an AR how many more would be dead?

If it was not your intention to insinuate then I apologize.