Mass murder in Orange County, California

Sadly I did not even know that one, and I live in California. Looks like 16 people were shot?

I guess you feel like you are proving something, I honestly don’t know what it is though.

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We need to buy Devils Island and reopen it.

Yes thank God only four people got to experience what it would be murdered by Michael Myers in a Halloween movie.

Uh, OK?

no anyone the mental health community deems a threat

wouldnt that be nice?

are your talking about being committed which is next to impossible.

Libs and their media shepherds don’t care about brown on brown killing.

We know this.

oh is that hard to do!?

tell sandy hook

Ya people having rights and stuff is stupid.

like rights to bear personal protection?

or rights of people who are classified medically as having serious potential to do harm?

pick and choose what rights you like now.

I support gun ownership try a new tactic.

Brown on white killing is played down as well.

Why would do you want to execute them? IMO if you are sentenced to life with no chance of parole death would be a better option, it is over and done with living out rest of life in prison just does not see like living. You are way to kinda to mass murders. Plus it is actually cheaper to keep them locked away than kill them. There are worse things in life than death.

A mass shooting would have resulted in way more casualties. What’s your point?

Ummm…“served his time…”? No.

“…who should have never been considered for early release based upon Assembly Bill 109.”

How so?

The media naturally highlight the unusual and spectacular. Fatal car accidents are very common and barely make the local news, while crashes of commercial airliners are very rare and can make headlines worldwide. The greater attention to air crashes gives the impression that air travel is dangerous, but the most dangerous part of a flight is really the drive to the airport.

Mass homicides are rare and spectacular and usually attract a lot of attention. In 2018 there were a total of 80 people killed in US mass shootings according to Mother Jones. That is less that .5% of homicide deaths, but they attracted the vast majority of attention from the national media.

Logically the attack in Orange County should have attracted huge interest from the media since it involves mass murder, but it did not. A search based on the name of the suspected killer shows only one report on CNN compared to 14 for the Gilroy shooter who killed only three persons:

I suspect that the Orange County attack would have been reported much more vigorously if the attacker had been non-Hispanic white and most of the victims had been brown or black, especially if the attacker had used a gun. That fits into CNN’s narrative that evil racists and guns, especially “assault rifles”, are to blame for most of the violence in the country. In fact the vast majority of homicides involve people of the same race and homicides involving long-guns are only a tiny fraction of homicide deaths:

He added: “As a police chief, I implore our policy makers to reevaluate their policies on criminal justice. The pendulum has swung so far that it is increasingly difficult to keep our communities safe from the rise in violent crime.”

Just wait until Governor Newsom finds out what this police chief said. There’ll be no sanctuary for him.

Why is that, do you think?