Masking School Children

There seems to be a trend of lessening mask requirements for adults, yet keeping them in place in government schools for children.

I’ve been thinking about this some.

How much compliance can there be if it is voluntary or left to the parents?

If I am a parent who believes my child wearing a mask is important, I can tell him “You have to wear this mask all day at school or you’ll die” will he?

How much real compliance is there even with the mandates? Are they wearing the appropriate mask appropriately for the entire time?

Or is it like most rules, constant correcting, letting half-assed “compliance” slide, calling any attempt satisfactory?

Pick any compliance rule. No talking in class, running in the halls… do the kids comply? Do the enforcers let it slide?

Is the objective here to “do the best we can”? What science does that follow?

Then there is the argument of “If your kid doesn’t wear one, it doesn’t do any good for my kid to wear one.”

Guess what, neither one of them are. Not correctly anyway. Not when nobody is looking.

So, what are we achieving with this performative demand? Masker parents want the state to enforce a rule on everybody because they can’t enforce their rule on their child.

Are we just making ourselves feel better because we’re doing “something”? What science does that follow? Does the rule exist so we can blame and punish the offenders? When we know full well they aren’t going to comply - and we aren’t complying ourselves?

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It’s probably time to remove the mask requirements at schools.

Based on what science/reasoning?

  1. Masks seem less effective versus Omicron.
  2. Children seem less susceptible
  3. Vaccines have been available for quite some time.
  4. Hopefully the downward trend in cases will continue.
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1 Is invalid.

2 and 3 depend.

4 is not science nor logical.


Your opinions are noted. Thanks!

They aren’t opinions.

If you say so. Feel free to share more opinions with me in the future.


If the trends keep heading where they are heading I see that mandatory masking will be lifted in most places sometime in March and we can stop with this really dumb fight.


All in time for midterms! :wink:


B b b bingo!


This goes over most heads. :rofl:

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Refer to this thread:

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Just like libs “will lift mandates before the 2020 election”…oh wait.

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Your lens is projecting into the wrong corner. lol

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Parenting is an art, not science. Your entire OP is confusing this very important point.

Science says you should wash your hands after you sneeze in them. I tell my kids to do that all the time, but do they on their own? Not every time.

I am also not sure why most conservatives seem to struggle with the concept of risk reduction.

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Umm no, science says to sneeze into your elbow, not your hands.

Read it again… I did not say “science says to sneeze in your hands”

Mask mandates make no sense. Even CNN is admitting that.

N-95 masks provide protection to the wearer, and what other people are wearing makes little difference. Vulnerable people should wear the high-performance masks.

Cloth masks are basically sneeze guards. They provide limited protection to others, but almost nothing to the wearer. Cloth masks are pretty much useless with the new highly contagious variants.

The mask mandates in schools are all about placating the teachers’ unions.

  1. Particle physics are identical. Masks never were “effective.”

  2. Children are provably less susceptible.

  3. Vaccines have mitigated as much as possible the risk for contacts of children.

  4. Cases never was a metric of any merit.

Forcing kids to wear masks now is unarguably child abuse.

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