Mask Mandate Returning

Because the petty dictator left feels the need to control you. There will always be a reason for them to be able to rule what’s left of your life

This month it’s the “delta” variant

What makes it funny is how masks are ineffective against the virus. huh. oh well enough about science

Hope you dont own a small business. You’ll be closing it back up soon too.


Scary varies!!!



I’m done with masks myself. Newsom is a dictator/pig imo.


me too

but it wont stop in insane california land of the wild wild left


Probably not.

Just another excuse not to even go there to visit a handful of inlaws. :sunglasses:

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it’s not a mandate, it’s a recommendation. there is no mandate in place. they can suggest all they want, I don’t believe another mandate will be tolerated.

The L.A. County recommendation — which is not a mandate — in the nation’s most populous county does not match what the state government and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say, which is that vaccinated people in certain public indoor settings do not need to be masked. Unvaccinated people are supposed to wear masks in public.

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Why a pig? Because you disagree with him politically? Thats like whenTucker Carlson called General Milley a pig because he disagrees with him on issues. And thats not good company to be in…

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But it’s breaking 911!!!


in time…

people will tolerate what the govt tells them to tolerate, it seems

Yes I remember that.

Kneeling during the National Anthem= the worst disrespect of soldiers EVAH!!!
Calling an actual soldier a pig- just another Tuesday for the CEC


It’s not a mandate… period.

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not yet

cdc rethinking it

get ready


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it’s also see b s: LA County Recommends Indoor Mask Wearing As Delta Variant Circulates

and many others

but you knew that breaking911 is an aggregate. you’re brilliant

I miss that man. He could put beer away like no other officer could. lol


CBS is correct in saying it’s a recommendation.

Your source in incorrect saying it’s a mandate with no supporting evidence or sources. That’s fake news.

I believe your belief is wrong.



That is all the further the mask communication needed to be.

Mask Advisory Level XYZ


Mask Alert level 123

Never should have been a mandate of any type.

People would have cooperated much better.


I agree this might have been better.

I think the impact on mask wearing would have been minimal.

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