Mask independence day!

Hmm - sounds almost like a pro - choice position.

Just how much has the GOP changed since I left?


They like choice when it suits them. But when women, minorities, lgbq want choice, then it’s not allowed for variety of reasons.


This ! :grinning::grinning:

My workplace is done with mandatory masks as of Tuesday. That’s fine with me. I didn’t mind wearing one until then because I’m not a wimp.

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This weekend really seemed to open up the world down here.

So why are republican governors like Abbott still operating under emergency powers?

There are checks and balances for those.

Relative harm and risk factor in.

Victimization is the new normal of the trump Republican Party.

Masks are evil and they represent all that is wrong with America today.

Such mind numbing stupid and lemming like behavior.

Doesn’t anyone think for themselves anymore.

Or is hive mind the way of the future in America.


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Hogg is a brainwashed hapless fool who is to young and naive to realize he has been used by others. He will one day wake up or live the life of a village idiot.

The Democrats in his State legislature are fighting him on election reform and the Texas southern border is a ■■■■ storm?

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His emergency powers are from declaring a pandemic, that’s now been declared over in Texas.

Is your post arguing that his emergency powers should be expanded because of a unrelated federal issue and because he failed to pass his legislative wish list? Seems tyrannical.

everyone should “think” like those who wear masks alone in the car?


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all libs thought that way. It would be like them wearing an arm band so everyone would know instantly who they are, but better because we wouldn’t have to see their whiny faces. :wink:

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What kind of choice is choosing to kill an unborn baby? What choice does the baby have?

Amazing that libs can equate that “choice” with wearing a surgical mask. :neutral_face:


i wonder when masks will be mandatory again.

once the petty tyrant left knows they have this power they’ll never stop abusing it

Hive mind is thinking wearing masks is a bad thing. It’s extremely innocuous. Before covid, I saw Asians in NYC wearing them. Meh.

People wearing masks don’t bother me in the least.


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I like the ones crying wusses when they’re the ones that are scared. Live your life.


me neither!

do what you want i always say

but nothing should be mandatory. esp since they dont do ■■■■


The placebo effect is something.


i know. Fauci said so himself

Remember that the next time you are mugged. :wink:

The two times I was mugged the perps didn’t wear masks.