Mask independence day!

My mask independence day was yesterday. I have been in violation of state compliance, going maskless outside of work for a couple weeks now. But yesterday was also the last day I will be required to wear one at work.

Thank God! I can breathe again! Freeedom!

Anybody else enjoying their human right to breathe clean, fresh air again?


i never wore one unless at work or in close proximity, or certain circumstances like when with ma in law who wanted me to etc

but outside… pffft. sorry not stupid

Yup, fully vaccinated so ditching the mask almost everywhere from now on.


Yeah. I found that the 19 year old behind the counter of the quickie mart had no interest in being the mask po-leece.


i never got confronted about it oddly.

a couple mask weenies asked that i pull it up over my nose because they had no idea that they are useless

in each case btw they were raging leftie lulus. big surprise

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I never wore a mask unless I was within 6 feet of someone or the place I chose to enter, required one. I got my last vaccine on March 31st. Most everyone I work with both had the virus and got the vaccine. I’m done with a mask at work.

Where I’d sometimes go for lunch, they didn’t require one and went against state mandates. They even posted a sign that it wasn’t required. They were turned in and the state began fining them. Their business skyrocketed and was being patronized by those that agreed with them. Since the mandate has now been lifted, I’m not sure if the state will drop all the fines against them?

The city I live in, haven’t worn a mask pretty much anyplace for a couple of months. Went to Mesquiite Nevada a couple weeks ago. In the Casino I wore one (they were freaking strict about it). As we left town stopped for fuel and drinks. Didn’t think about it, jusr ran into the C-store . . . grabbed drinks. In line (nice social distancing still) and all sudden I realized everyone in the store (masked up) was staring at me. Quickly paid and left. No one said anything, but they eye’s oooooooh if they could shoot laser beams I would have been a pile of dusk (and due to certain circumstances I’m fully vaccinated).

This kind of talk is very insensitive to our friends on the left. The mask has come to represent the symbol of true American culture.

You should tell people who make your food to take their gloves off or stop washing their hands. Freedom!


More lib idiocy.

What is wrong with you guys?


I mean normally I’d disagree but when I see nonsense like this I’m starting to think you have a point…

:joy: :joy: :joy:

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The idiotic anti masker reasoning deserves equally idiocy response.

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this makes no sense at all



It does. Similar to seat belt freedom day or motorcycle helmets freedom day.

I’ll preface this by saying I’m fully vaccinated, so I no longer have to wear masks in most places any longer.

That being said - I have to wonder when the wussification of America got to be such a major thing? I’ve had lung issues that started developing last summer that required me to go on supplemental oxygen in January. I’m just no able to start weaning myself off of it. And you know what? I STILL wore a mask in most places. Did it make it harder to breathe? Yes. Did I still do the responsible thing and wear one? Yes. The way I was raised, being a responsible adult was not an optional activity by the time I got to be 18.

I’ve never seen such a bunch of adults whine so much on this scale about anything in my adult life. You’d think someone forced them to submit themselves to daily waterboarding or something. When did the nation become so full of wimps? I just don’t get it.


the mask is a personal medical decision

none of these things are

sorry, but, lame comparison

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I think it weak to intrude on others choices and freedom.

Stand for nothing…


…and a lousy paper barrier that does almost nothing.

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Except when your choices could very well bring harm to others. Love thy neighbor.

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