Mark Zuckerberg tries to prepare Americans for the presidential election taking weeks to decide

Weeks to decide the election? i am sorry but a election result should happen on election day not waiting in weeks for mail in votes.


Amid election security concerns, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg attempted to normalize the possibility of a delayed outcome of the upcoming presidential election were to occur. This despite the fact that he is not an elected official and holds no government position.

If there are Joe Biden supporters who were formerly Hillary voters you should then agree with the following.

“If you can riot and do damages to business then you safely **vote then in person and on site” I mean nancy pelosi broke her own covid guidelines just to get her hair done.

I agree.
The rioters and damage doers should vote in person.

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It’s a pandemic, people are going to be voting in alternate ways than in person. It may take longer. Elections don’t get certified until weeks after the day, so it will continue to be done as it always has been done.

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Again if people can riot go to wall marts and go shooping and do hair salons by breaking their own why cant they vote safely and follow the same guidelines? isn’t that simple?

Is this to hard to follow? China’s lockdowns have being alot harsher then Europe’s.

Because not all people are

Insert your list here

Doing these things


These rioters have being practicing zero physical distancing. There is no point in a mask if you dont practice physical distancing i thought these rioters were smarter.

Sorry but i disagree with the mail in voting. Voting in person can be done safely. Its no wonder why democrats are in favor of it, they are the ones pushing it heavily.

This is perfectly fine.

Just because Americans (Republicans AND Democrats) are used to instant gratification, they are NOT entitled to it.

You will find out the winner when all the votes are counted, however long it may take.

Here are some suggestions while you wait.

  1. Play a few rounds of golf.

  2. Watch your favorite TV shows.

  3. Watch a sporting event on TV.

  4. Get a bottle of whiskey and get hammered.

  5. Etc.

When the results are announced, some helpful reporter will come on TV to broadcast them.

Just please stop with the snow-flakery due to lack of instant satisfaction.


Thats nice. It doesn’t matter what you “disagree with”. It’s already a thing. The Donald does it. Millions of people prefer it to standing in line with people with no masks, rubbing their greasy noses, picking their teeth, coughing, standing too close. Gross.

I will be making sure all older and vulnerable people in my community do their mail in voting.

Thank you very much.


Ok you said it better than me.

I’ll take option 4.

Thanks Safiel!


I may break into the Macallan myself. :smile:

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Hey, if mailing your ballot in is good enough for Donald Trump, it’s good enough for me.

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Well stated. The actual presidential election doesn’t even technically happen until the Electoral College meets for the Electors to cast their votes. That’s really what we are generally waiting for to make it official.


And Lagavulin for myself.

We had an election in the mid 1980’s in Pennsylvania. Among other things, an election for a neighboring State Senate seat. The Senate district encompassed portions of Lackawanna County, but mostly ran through strong Republican areas in Wyoming County, Susquehanna County and elsewhere.

There was an early season rain/sleet event that day.

The district was considered heavily Republican. That night the results came in slowly and by 11:00 pm the Democrat was ahead by about 2 points. The Republican candidate actually conceded the race, the Democrat claimed victory and everybody went to bed.

What nobody realized is that there had been a power failure in the small town of Montrose, the county seat. The power was restored at about 1 am and the results compiled and conveyed. The Republican won 54 to 46 percent.

I believe they actually woke both candidates up to tell them the news. :smile:


This is clearly the plan. Exhort supporters to vote in person and declare yourself the winner, then cry foul as the mail in votes are tallied.

Since they are broadcasting that intent they’re giving everyone a bit heads in hoe to prepare and cover for it while we have to listen to them moan about ballots found in the trunk or whatever nonsense they have to say. The Trump campaign will definitely try to steal it though.


Did you miss 2000?

Voting by mail can be done safely. Washington, Utah and others have been doing it successfully for a while


Ignore them.