Mark Kelly announces candidacy for Arizona senate seat

Mark Kelly announced he is running for the senate seat formerly held by John McCain… It’s going to be an interesting 2020 election season…

Yes…that WOULD be interesting.

And they say Christmas starts earlier and earlier every year…

That’s just too much. Martha McSally’s going to brag about being a combat pilot? Let’s put a combat pilot against her. Oh and he happens to be an engineer and an astronaut too.


Thats a flipped blue seat for sure.

the NRA attack dogs will be out in force against him.

doubt it makes a difference.


NRA is going to be in deep ■■■■ soon, so I doubt they’ll make a huge difference.

Wow, they went out and got their own combat pilot to run against McSally? That’s wild.

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He seems like a hell of a guy. It’s hard to believe it has been more than 8 years since Gabby was shot.