Mark Harris's election vacated, new election ordered


It needs to fit the narrative, otherwise it didn’t happen.


Smollet 24/7 for a weak straight; a black guy tried to make MAGA look bad? Nothing could make the angry old white guys more pissed off than that!


I see.

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Mark says he didn’t know but…his son testified today that he told him he strongly suspected this foul play. Well…at least Mark cried on the witness stand so…there is that. :roll_eyes:


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The guy’s son testified that he told Harris to stay away from the Dowless and that what Dowless was doing was probably illegal.


Is he even eligible? Even if you accept that he was somehow unaware of Dowless’ tactics:

  • he perjured himself several times during this hearing;
  • his lawyers failed to provide emails from his son until 15 minutes before the son testified;
  • and he is by his own admission currently incapacitated by a stroke.

Sounds like just the man for the job!


Most likely the previous incumbent will easily win the Republican primary. Harris is damaged goods and thoroughly discredited at this point. If he even runs again, he will lose in the primary.


I don’t know, President Wilson, err Edith Wilson did just fine running the country. :smile:


Huh, seems Harris called for it. Imagine that.


Arsonist, trapped in the burning building, yells “Somebody call the fire department!” Imagine that.


“He said he could not continue his testimony, citing confusion and health problems stemming from a blood infection that led to his hospitalization in January.”

Yeah. Right.


Caught in his web of lies- what else could the evangelical pastor do?


Before the election board decided.


After hearing the testimony, everyone knew what they were going to do.

He didn’t exactly stick his neck out.


Yes. Big man.


It didn’t exactly take Nostradamus to see that the election was going to be vacated once it was shown pretty much beyond a doubt that they were harvesting absentee votes.


Yeah imagine, the guy that doesn’t want to talk about why they need a new election.

Let’s get on with it.


But after the public conclusion that he knew EXACTLY what he’d done was inescapable. I stand by my analogy.