Mark Cuban may run


Mark Cuban says that none of the Dem contenders can beat Trump and that he may run as an independent if conditions are right.
I hope he does. I’d like to see that egotistical turkey run and get .000001% of the vote.


Get him a treadmill like the little rat has.
At least he won’t run himself off the road somewhere.


He’d probably take more votes away from Trump than any democrat candidate. A debate between him and Trump would be fun to watch.

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I would love to see Cuban run just for the fun of Trump melting down on twitter about him.

Unlike Trump Cuban truly is a self made man unlike Trump who benefitted from daddy and we all know that will rankle Trump no end.


If Daddy’s money is a stigma to you, I assume you have renounced FDR, John Kennedy and Theodore Roosevelt.
If you haven’t now would be a good time to do it, so you can be consistent.


Not at all for two reason a) they were around before I was born so I never ever supported them. B) they did not run around boasting about their wealth constantly.

Nice try but your rebuttal is actually quite stupid.

It doesnt change the fact that Trump hates anyone who is genuinely self made and has a similar or more wealth than him.


It isn’t that having inherited wealth is the problem.

The problem is the lie that the President has lived under a story that he had no real advantage from his father.

The President is not a self made man, even though that is the story he wants you to believe.


Carnac the Magnificent. Knows people’s deepest thoughts.



I don’t see him as much of a threat to anybody.


He’s not.


You seem unfamiliar with Kennedy and the two Roosevelts. Each of the three dedicated their lives to public service, not to the accumulation of wealth.

None of them hid the fact that they were the beneficiaries of inherited wealth nor posed as self-made men.

JFK and Teddie R joined the military and both fought on behalf of their country. FDR had real physical limitations, unlike Trump’s phantom bone spurs.

None of the three used the office of the Presidency to enrich themselves.

And interestingly, on social policies (other than race) all three were very progressive.

Yes, they all inherited money but after that there simply is no comparison.


Here was the post I was responding to:

“Unlike Trump Cuban truly is a self made man unlike Trump who benefitted from daddy and we all know that will rankle Trump no end.”

His only beef was that Trump “benefitted [sic] from daddy”.

There is no wall of words from you that can negate the fact that the Roosevelts and JFK “benefited from daddy”.


That is only true if one looks at the “benefited from daddy” objection without any bit of context as to how the President has accumulated his wealth and the self made lie that he has pushed all of his adult life.


I just have to read his unhinged tweets to know what he is thinking. Then again I am not sure Trump always knows what he is thinking.


FDR was 39 years old when he contracted polio.
What prevented him from serving in the military as a young man?


Lack of a war between the time he was born and the time he started to get involved in politics?


The fact you are trying to make an argument over a man who has been dead and buried for a few generations now to somehow make Trump look better is stupid beyond words. Note to mods I am saying his argument is stupid not the poster.

Cons used to say that Presidents need military experience now they evolved on that position. Funny how every so called conservative in this forum tries to tell us they did not have that opinion. Just like they never supported the invasion of Iraq or the patriot act.

I suppose it was democrats and the left that wanted all those things !!!


There were 16 separate US military engagements from the time FDR was 17 years old until 1910 when he entered politics.
He had plenty of opportunity to serve.


I can’t look at Cuban on Shark Tank anymore without remembering his stupid comment that if Trump ever won the Presidency the economy would tank! What a putz!

But Hey, ICAM with you a popular TV personality running as an Independent just might help Trump sail right into a second term, so do it Cuban you Moron.

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I didn’t bring the lack of service up as a slam, one of your fellow Bolsheviks started that.
You need to read before you post.