Marjorie Taylor Greene, you may want to keep your stupid trap shut

Just one teeny problem with your babble.

The Wilder Brigade was a UNION outfit.


But I will defend THAT piece of history.


Thank you to Wilder and his brigade for kicking the Confederacys ass.


shes an absolute clown show.

Shes about as smart as she is kind, which is saying a lot.

Whats even worse is the monument is in her own damn Congressional District. Doesnt even know the about the stuff in her locality. :smile:

Its performative.

It turns out that dumb people-even politicians- do dumb things.

She hits all the MAGA Republican errogenous zones though, so shes A-Ok.

maybe she is just really proud of being a loser.

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I climbed the stairs in that monument. Its quite a work put for someone who doesnt work out regularly

Putting aside her error, why would she want to defend the confederacy?

ladies and gentleman, I give you, our next vice president