Marine Lt Col that asked for accountability over Afghanistan thrown in the brig

Does that cover everyone that has served or just specific units within branches?

Is it an issue of Support or an issue of Combat?

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While that all may be true. In my 30 years as an Officer I have never heard someone in solitary confinement or even in the brig for it.


Perhaps if the Sec Def and his leadership weren’t so preoccupied with wokeism and rooting out the white supremacy extremist boogeymen and focused more on training a fighting force to defend America and winning wars ■■■■ sandwiches like this wouldn’t have to be served up for Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen to digest.


Of course it is

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It’s not the military any more.

It’s now the Milley-tary.



laughs in dd-214


This will be on a meme very soon btw. :rofl:


For the record, that was the defense many nazis used in the Nuremberg Trials.


Somehow I do believe there is a difference between the US military of 2021 and the German armed forces under hitler.


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Principle is the same.

You made your point.

killing people illegally and committing mass murder.


not being able to post on social media…

Juuuuusst a bit of a difference

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It was perfectly legal under the laws of the nazi regime. They were doing what they were ordered to do.

You are are conflating outcomes (under mixed legal systems, no less) with the PRINCIPLE in question.

That’s all I pointed out. The principle.

Of course, for a lot of libs around here, I have doubts about their ability to understand principles. Keep pushing if you want to put yourself in that mob.

What is the connecting principle? That military members can disobey orders they decide are wrong? Or is it something more?

Thought I would weigh in.

The Lt. Col. was in the wrong. As a high ranking military officer it is his sworn duty to avoid doing anything that would negatively affect the military or this country. He is certainly entitled to his opinion, which he can share with his commanding officer. There is no place for his comments on social media. If he feels that strongly about his opinions, he is more than welcome to resign his commission. He would then be free to say whatever he wants, wherever he wants.

The military had no choice but to reign him in before he caused more damage.

However this plays out, his military career is over. If he is lucky he will be allowed to resign his commission and leave the service.

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We however are under the United States constitution.


He did resign he just wasn’t completely out. Takes a while for the paperwork.

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That statement coming from someone who supported Trump, thats comedy gold …lol.

Then he should have waited before posting his opinions on social media. He has no one to blame but himself.