Marine Commandant orders Confederate related paraphernalia removed from all Marine installations

From Louisiana?

The drug testing started in 78.

The respected their adversaries in that era.

Richard Taylor whipped a force of yanks, far superior in strength, at Mansfield and forced their withdrawal at Pleasant Hill. This kept them out of North Louisiana and from cutting off Texas for the duration. Son of President Zachary Taylor, owner of a sugar plantation in St Charles Parish, and brother in law of Jefferson Davis. He commanded the Louisiana Tiger battalion at 1st Manassas. A more successful general than Polk and a resident of the state.


US Marines, Beirut 1956

I didn’t get my first one until 85’…

Good, but why are we still dealing with these treasonous, racists symbols in 2020. Once again the confederates were traitors that waged war against these United States. They don’t deserved to be recognized in the open public unless it’s in a museum.

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Liberty is what it is.

I think we will be “dealing” with them in 2120 and 2220…etc.


For who?

Liberty for all.


So liberty for those who want to display a symbol that was used to keep liberty away from enslaved people…okay…sure :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sons of the Confederacy.

Raking sand. Don’t forget raking sand!

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Call it art.

Look at it as a symbol of progress instead of crawling into the realm of the negative.

IE…Look at how terrible people were before the Civil War and emancipation.

If we ever remove the confederate symbols from Gettysburg…there won’t be much left.

My avi picture is from there. Devils Den restored canon circa 2005.


Gotta wonder how the Northern and black troops felt about that.

:rofl: they dont exist.

I have said for years those bases need to be renamed.

Have them named for the Union General that took it during the Civil War.

For instance, rename Fort Benning, make it Fort Sherman.


There already was a Sherman. In Panama.

the marine corps just banned public display of the cenfederate flag on their bases, whether on bumper stickers,mugs,posters or anything of the ilk.

good. the flag of traitors should be banned


Thought they did that months ago.