Maria Butina to plead guilty and help prosecutors

This is a major story that’s not getting a lot of attention. It involves the NRA, GOP members and people from trump’s orbit.

The documents describe Butina’s efforts to build ties with a “gun rights organization,” which has been identified as the NRA, and “Political Party 1,” which the document makes clear is the Republicans.

The documents confirms previous reporting that Butina helped orchestrate a trip by NRA members to Moscow in December 2015.

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For some reason, no one wants to talk about this. Seems kind of important.

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Won’t she be deported to Russia at some point? Is being cooperative really smart?

It’s a sticky wicket.

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Maybe her plea agreement allows her to stay? How are spies who cooperate normally treated?

I can’t imagine that it’s good. But the Kremlin can get to her. Could she be a candidate for the witness protection program?

She better start wearing a radiation badge…………………


Now, now… That couldn’t be true… the president has been really clear that criminal immigrants need to be deported…

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I am going to go ahead and bump this. This is very interesting news. I wonder what effects this will have on the NRA.

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Toxic masculinity is more compelling.

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This is a story I’ve really been interested in. There are too many GOP politicians acting hinky.

Maybe that’s why the NRA says they’re losing money - trying to get people to donate to them so they can use the money for their defense fund.

Absolutely that is what’s happening.

And they seem to have been pretty quiet in the last shootings. I think (hope) they’re in big trouble.

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This is it. This is the one. This will take Trump down…amirite?:sunglasses:

I thought we were talking about the NRA…

This might not take down trump, but it might take down the nra.

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The NRA is screwed, they’re losing a lot of money, a bunch of them are going to be implicated with a Russian spy and to top it off, they fired this Dan Oingo Boingo fellow.

Nope you arent right…again…