March 4 2017 Spying accusation

He was the ambassador. Of course he a spy but he also operates in an official capacity.

C’mon man get a grip.

He was the chief Russian spy in the US.

He was the Ambassador.

Get a grip.

He was the chief Russian spy, and they all knew it.

Of course they did.

He was also the Ambassador.

Which party invited him to their convention?

he was at both conventions.

No… No he wasn’t.

Downer. The High Commission to UK. She’s a diplo-dunk. Like I said. You think Steele might know some people there?

What’s your point?

So is the UK now involved in this grand conspiracy?

And used her boyfriend on official business? Strzok / Page?

Now you.


You are ignoring a simple truth; the Trump Tribe did not initiate the contacts.

You keep saying that… though it remains untrue.

What nationality is Steele? Downer? Thompson? Where did all this crap allegedly take place?

Stop thinking countries. Think careers.

You are underestimating the hubris of these people.

It is true, and you know it.

This is a wild conspiracy. Steele being involved in setting up the meeting between Downer and Papadopolous.

Seeing as how this activity happened before Steele was even hired by Perkins Coie it is even wilder.

Cohen was emailing random Russians trying to make contact with anyone who could help them get the Trump Tower Built. He was also contacting people in Moscow to suppress “tapes”

Flynn, at the direction of candidate Trump, hired Peter Smith who went on to attempt to contact Russian hackers in order to obtain the Clinton Emails.

We don’t even know who the ■■■■ Manafort was talking to.

So just stop. That claim is incorrect.

You are still locked into small thinking. I didn’t say Steele was involved in setting up the meeting. I asked if you thought he might know some diplomats from the Australian High Commission. Then I asked where all this crap allegedly took place.

What do Steele and Christian Cantor (Thompson’s fiancee) have in public knowledge common?

Why would Thompson ask Downer if he wanted to meet a young nobody? Why would Downer think that would be a “good idea” and why then?

Not true. Every single contact was initiated outside the Trump Tribe. How did they find out about the Clinton emails? Why did they think the Russians had them? Who initiated the contact for the infamous Trump Towers meeting? The Kensington Wine Rooms meeting?

You stop. You know it’s true. The only reason the Trump Tribe could even spell Russia is because everybody in London was throwing it at them.

This is all bull ■■■■■

Ask yourself this, who benefits from bad US-Russia relationships?


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