March 4 2017 Spying accusation

Once upon a time in a republic far far away a newly elected president accused the previous administration of wiretapping and election interference.

Of course people thought of and framed the accusation as baseless. Maybe a cover up for collusion.

Media reported there was no evidence. AS it turns out there was no evidence of collusion and significant evidence of a FISA warrant.

Summary, trump told the truth his opponents said he lied.

the Atlantic reported Trump wanted to distract the press from bad news.

Following the logic of the Atlantic and the track record of reporting. It would appear that the left is in for some bad news as the accuse Trump of exactly what they have done. Two investigations about to be released and the troops rally to attack the credibility of Mueller.

Wait, it was Trump that was accused of Attacking and discrediting a partisan with hunt by Mueller. So nobody should attack Barr, just to be credible.

It seems that Trump is guilty of being a democrat. So we should probably remove all the dems.


The FISA warrant was on Carter Page, not Donald Trump.

President Trump is a Republican.

TRump campaign = Trump

Carter Page had officially left the Campaign before the FISA Warrant was issued.


was the dossier on page or trump?

was the purpose of the warrant to spy on trump or page?

If you are going to bring the Steele Dossier into this… then be aware that the part of the Dossier that was about Carter Page was true.


basis for fisa was dossier, fisa was renewed after carter left. it is a stretch to say page was target

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Part of the basis for the FISA warrant was the dossier.

We have yet to see the unredacted FISA warrant… that was renewed a couple of times btw… but those who have immediately shut up about how terrible it is.

“The dossier said he worked with Paul Manafort as a liaison with the Kremlin on Russian interference in the election by computer hacking and social media trolling. Both men say they didn’t know each other. Mr. Mueller found no evidence.”

“The investigation did not establish that Page coordinated with the Russian government in its efforts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election,” the report said"

The Key part of the report about Page

The Office was unable to obtain additional evidence or testimony about who Page may have met or communicated with in Moscow; thus, Page’s activities in Russia—as described in his emails with the Campaign—were not fully explained

Which was that?

So…not being able to obtain evidence of whom he met or communicated with proves…exactly what? It certainly doesn’t prove whom he met or communicated with, if that is what you are implying.

Are you aware that first FISA warrant on Page was turned down?

What were the odds of that happening?

Carter Page was the target of the FISA.

His meetings in July 2016.

It just means that we don’t know the truth.

Then they came back with more info.

Remember that this was not happening in a vacuum.

There were other things going on at the time.

What meeting?

Refresh my memory.

Oh. I thought you said it meant that the part in the Steele Dossier about Carter Page was true. I guess I misread that.

It’s all in here.

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