Manufacturing sector contracts as trumps trade war hits

every month the national association of purchasing managers puts out an index of teh health of teh sector. a number above 50 indicated expansion,below 50 contractioon

the index was just released. 49.9. Its the first reading under 50 since september of 2009. new orders and export sales fell off a cliff.

looks like trump is managing to crash the economy

Add this to the ever growing list of recession indicators.


Keep praying for the economic miracle libs.

I’d much rather the warnings be heeded, the damage controlled, and a recession aborted than sweep up after Republicanomics again.



You do realize that Trump’s mental breakdown the past couple days is directly linked to him worried about the economy right?




It is wild, as someone who was here during the last recession, the history repeating itself, from some of the same people even in their posts, is quite astonishing.

There are people rightfully discussing economic indicators that show a weakening of the US and global economies, and you have some party-over-country people claiming that means those discussing these realities are secretly “praying for an economic collapse” which is beyond illogical and insane to even begin to posit. While simultaneously plugging their ears and covering their eyes to what is transpiring all around them.

History truly does tend to repeat itself. Especially when some fail to learn the lessons of history.


Yes…Miracle. That’s what libs are praying on.

And this is spot-on as well. Trump and his aides are all worried about the one positive that Trump has had going for him. Look at what Mulvaney said (with Kushner and Ivanka in attendance) at a GOP fundraiser, about the pending recession and how they believe it will come, but only be short-lived. They see the writing on the wall as well.

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By that same token ignoring the economy continually increasing , getting better and screaming “cooked books, real unemployment at 50, workforce participation rate” untill a certain day in DC then its “longest economic expension ever under this new guy”


Many libs predicted trump tax cuts and trade war would blow up the deficit and â– â– â– â–  up the economy. No miracle. Just common sense


And non libs, conservatives, economist, historians…


Yes, the rest of the world is having economic problems… Which effects us. Thanks to Trump we are still expanding… They need to follow Trumps ideas. Europe needs to stop making themselves poorer because of “climate change”.

Taking on China is the moral thing to do. They have a history of mass murder as bad or worse than most unfettered socialist nations. Not much difference between them and the national socialists…

Indeed. It shows how long and how pervasive the disconnect from reality truly is with some of these folks. Tribalism and a hatred of the “other” has caused worms to grow where most of their brains used to be.

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Thread is about article on manufacturing contracting for the first time in decade

“We are still expending”

That kinda says it all


That’s a gewd boy

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It says right in the article it’s because of the rest of the world, not us… It’s a world economy. When the rest of the world rebounds, we’ll benefit even more from Trumps policy…

Do dems have any ideas?..

It’s not like I spouted Russian collusion nonsense for 3 years like the TV told me too…LMAO!