Manufacturing plant to leave Minneapolis

Wonder how many more will do the. Can you blame them? Can’t help to think about that old saying, you reap what you sow.

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Too bad; hope it isn’t on its way to becoming another Detroit

This must be the lib definition of “defund the police”? :sunglasses:

Good. Who the hell wants to conduct business near a bunch of scumbag arsonists anyway?


A company that manufactures fire extinguishers? :man_shrugging:


Who indeed? Don’t blame them if they all leave town.


Mike Lindell says RUN don’t walk to a state that won’t pamper looters.


He needs to address his bbb rating.


Lindell is quite a success story.

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I have his pillows. They honestly are the best.

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Yep he is the crackhead you guys can actually get behind

I can get behind any crackhead who gets off crack and turns their life around.

He isn’t a crack head. Not for many years now.

Which is admirable by any measure but to call him quite a success story after self admitted decades of failure is a bit of an exaggeration. I get it he persevered despite all his personal failings but it’s just funny.

To call him a crack head after years of success is well…not even sure what to call that. :roll_eyes:

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Once a crackhead always a crackhead. That’s the gist of a lot of posts on this board in regards to certain other politically prominent former crack heads



Stupid should hurt. They’ll also miss the target, autzone, and Wendy’s they burned to the ground. Not to mention the police precinct.



They’ll miss the dozens of small businesses that were destroyed and may not open back up as well.