MANUFACTURED CRISIS? Border Agents Seize $13 MILLION of Meth Hidden in Frozen Strawberries | Sean Hannity

Border and Customs agents in south Texas seized $13 million worth of methamphetamines concealed in a frozen strawberry delivery truck over the weekend; discovering the illicit drugs at an international bridge between the United States and Mexico.

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So how does a truck tricked out to bring drugs through border crossing points prove the need for a wall? This is how the vast majority of drugs are brought in, through border crossing points, boat, and plane, not by some schmuck sneaking across the desert with his pockets filled.

Perhaps Sean is advocating we build a wall on this bridge? After the crossing point, or before?

Manufactured crisis?? My Ass!! Numbers from check points say vast majority of drugs pass through , nonsense! The numbers come from drugs “ seized” ; what about all the drugs not seized? Nobody knows how much comes through checkbpoints, but a ■■■■■■■■ of Americans die every day from drugs “ not” seized!! A wall is the beginning, it makes everything else much easier: the answer to the question “ manufactured crisis”??, if one American dies as a result, it’s an emergency!

So a guy carries a backpack with 25 kilos of meth, that’s $1000 per oz(street value) and that’s $1,500,000 dollars in my backpack, and I have 9 friends that are similarly loaded. That means me and my buddies ,in one night ,brought in $15 million dollars worth of meth! That’s worth anyone’s time; and right now, almost guaranteed to make it into our country, to kill and destroy lives. Must have WALL!!!