MANHUNT: Suspect in Strasbourg Shooting Identified, Was on ‘Terror Watch List’ | Sean Hannity

The suspected gunman behind the deadly shooting in Strasbourg, France Tuesday evening has been identified and was on a “Terror Watch List,” though officials refused to release the man’s name or age.

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A handy distraction for Macron ?


Does anyone else notice a constantly recurring theme…
Why do we even have “Terrorist Watch Lists?”
Since they seem to be repeatedly “watching them” commit terrorist acts.
Clearly we now need to have immediate “Terrorist Deportation & Removal Lists”
Remove & eliminate the cause… so as to reduce & prevent the constant on-going attacks, repeatedly perpetrated by the same group of ideologically deficient followers.


These people are sick.


Sean, do you think it is a false flag or just a hoax?. Any news so far.

What’s not easy to swallow is the continual shooting and in some cases killing of innocent people.


Pretty handy, indeed.

“We know who the terrorist is, but we won’t give a name or description. Everyone just stay inside where you’ll be safe. Yes, stay inside.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that the ‘terror watch lists’ were supposed to be lists of terrorists to be on the lookout for so that when they were seen, they could be neutralized. As in, neutralized before they could terrorize.

Instead it seems they just watch them, period.


Typical CBS lying word play. As a suspected extremist, he was on the “Terror Watch List. He’s been identified as the gunman, so he IS a terrorist. The only question is whether he’s a devout Muslim or a fanatical atheist.

“neutralizing” implies the ability to know when and IF he’s planning to attack. If he has half a brain, as not all terrorists are stupid just hate filled wackos… he covered his tracks well enough not to pop up on the authorities ‘radar’. And he was a “suspected extremist” indicating either some doubt/uncertainty OR… an unwillingness to act probably because the French authorities are treating terrorism as a “criminal activity”.

Considering the protests are more about refugees, which in France is illegal to openly protest. This may pour fuel to the flames.

What would happen if it were found out that it actually was done by riot police? Is it possible that they would blame a nameless/faceless individual and use terrorist as a cover?..I don’t trust anything they report over seas.

Q (aka Qanon) sent me. When will you discuss Q on your show-- radio or TV? It is time.

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“Terror Watch List”
If you have a guide that shows a list of television programs to choose from, and the list explains the actors, producers, engineers, camera operators, make-up artists, wardrobe creators, sound and video editors, janitor, coffee go-fer, then, you have THE Terror watch List.

Below is a link to the master Terror Watch List of all terrorists world wide. In it are the people responsible for all of the terror events presented on broadcast media. Every School Shooting Event that ever happened anywhere on Earth was performed by the people contained in the listed and categorized database of information linked here:

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False Flag: French Government Behind Terrorist Attack in Attempt to Change the News Cycle?

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 11 Dec 2018 - 4:45:43 PM
How do you quell ‘growing’ protests against you?
Notice a pattern?
Q You Don’t think MK-Ultra exists in Europe?? C’mon #QArmy the lights are on the Roach’s starting to Scurry … #PanicInDC

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I suspect this may have been created and used to install a veritable Police State to “protect” the people but in reality to quell the protests

Nevermind Macron’s snipers taking people out over a week ago. May the People of France reclaim their country in the name of Liberty!

Vive la France!

Isn’t it amazing that France with extreme gun control laws, but the bad guys don’t seem to have a problem getting firearms. Go figure. The more restrictions you place on a society the more people will break the rules and the cartels will gladly provide the goods.

Yes and there’s more to the pattern. The ‘suspect’ usually fits the profile you describe and doesn’t survive - no trial, no evidence. All we ever get is ‘Authorities say’ and ZERO evidence - just a narrative we’re expected to take on faith. Not buying it anymore.