MANCHIN TURNS: West Virginia Democrat SLAMS ‘Junkyard Dog’ Pence after Election

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West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin unloaded on the Trump administration following his midterm victory Tuesday; labeling Vice President Pence a ‘Junkyard Dog’ after campaigning for his Republican opponent.

“I know Mike Pence, and he’s just, I guess, doing his job,” Manchin said. “He’s a junkyard dog right now, I guess. He has to go out and do it.”

“Let me say that I never expected that this race would be the national race it turned out to be,” Manchin said in his late-night speech. "I never expected President Trump to come to this state as much as he did, sending Vice President Pence, sending his family, time after time. And you stood tall.

Manchin made national headlines just weeks ago when he voted to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court; breaking with his fellow Democratic legislators.

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Maybe he learned his lesson and will stop supporting trump.