Manafort Memo will be made public by Mueller by Friday (12-7-2018)

will be redacted I am sure, the public has a right to see what the inner workings


Taking bets now.

Bad, really bad, devastating or… the larger odds of completely exonerating?

I am just glad that Mueller is releasing the information to the public.

will be interesting to see how many witches were found.


This is a good read on what at least two analysts see Mueller doing. No 1-2 punch but a slower, methodical tearing down of Trumpworld.

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I’m thinking…nothing burger deluxe with cheese

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Brilliant article.

Trump cultists will claim it’s fake.

We should actually be getting some good dirt on Lyin Flynn today.

That’s what Marcy Wheeler has been saying for a long time, that the “Mueller Report” will be in the form of ‘speaking indictments’, just keep building it with no way for it to be suppressed.

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We have always known the strategy was to leak and undermine a duly elected President.

This just affirms that POV.

What I am enjoying is the absolute frustration with finding any actionable dirt on Trump.

Sadly this will likely become SOP for future Presidents who will not handle it as well as President Trump.


What are you even mumbling about?

The Mueller team doesn’t leak. A ‘speaking indicment’ is a publicly filed document where the charges and evidence are laid out. You are just flailing wildly, don’t even know what you’re talking about.


If one claims that Trump is innocent in all these investigations, then what Mueller releases on Friday will have zero bearing on Trump.

Therefore, there is no undermining a President, right?

Not for those paying attention.

Some material just can’t wait for the final report and heaven forbid that report not getting the air time it deserves WHENEVER it may be complete…

On one hand we hear braggadocio about drip drip drip and connecting dots…Then we are told that the USS Leaky has no leaks???


This literally makes no sense.

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Every leak comes from the targets of the Mueller investigation. Not Muellers team. Mueller’s team doesn’t leak.

As I said, the report very well may in the form of speaking indictments, not some thick phone book 9-11 type report that Republicans can try and bury. Can’t bury indictments.

I love her blog. Recommended reading for everyone.

Indictments aren’t leaks. :rofl:

And Trump is handling this well? Can’t tell if serious.


Well, he’s handling it about as well as he handle that huge new wall at our southern border. And the Trump replacement plan for healthcare. And that new infrastructure bill.

Frankly, I’m getting tired of all the winning…

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