Manafort gave 75 pages of polling data

Yeah so he gave 75 pages of polling data to a russian agent…

Collusion…conspiracy …collusion…

Oh but its just polling data you say…yeah which we know russians used on fb and other media sites to target people and sway their votes…

Dont forget they also hacked voter rolls as well…better get that wall built…


This was the same meeting where easing of sanctions on Russia were discussed.

Getting mighty collusiony up in here.


Seems like we have a few people talking about lifting sanctions for certain things …deals…

Remember mayflower…and marshall plan…and the sea shells…


It’s totally normal to secretly organize with the people hacking your political opponents while simultaneously offering to ease American pressure on them for their numerous misdeeds.


There’s a popular Trumpist rationalization that polling data is easy to get, which is obviously a stupid argument: if all Russian intelligence wanted was the latest Rasmussen or ABC results, they wouldn’t be asking Manafort for it.

I wonder what shapes the Trump supporters will twist themselves into to explain this?


Let me try.

Polling information is meaningless. The Russians could just read 538. Nothingberder.

Too many to count.

“As said at the beginning of the case, there is no evidence of Russian collusion." -Manafort’s legal defense team

Looks like traitor Manafort is expecting a pardon from fat donald.


Thankfully, NYS is preparing charges against Paulie.

Which will result in him never seeing freedom again.

Not technically illegal!!! (or something like that)