Manafort counsel has been feeding Mueller's questions to Trump legal team

that’s a mock account. Read the name in quotes.

Another year and $15 Million Dollars to investigate will get mueller somewhere.

I’d say Mueller has already gone a pretty good distance already:

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I would want to stab my eyes with #2 pencils after another year of fantasy delusion, were it me…concocting a new end to the 2016 election result.

We know. You are a broken record on this pipe dream.


So, according to your spreadsheet mueller could approve of any dissemination of this information.

Sounds like trump’s right. Rigged questions.

The only thing dumber than this whole collusion fantasy, is the people who believe it wholeheartedly.

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In the meantime, a “russian stooge” is running our country.

Alert! Alert! Alert! Alert! Aleet! Alert!

Lord Trump shouldnt have fired Comey, told NBC it was because of Russia, then brag to Russian diplomats it takes pressure off him then…

And Mueller didn’t catch this and refuse? It all but says that Manafort will pass this information along. But perhaps Mueller wanted that agreement so badly he was willing to accept those terms.
If you caught the difference, Muellers team did.

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Quite right - multiple indictments, plea deals, and convictions - and they ignore all of it. Many of them are too emotionally invested in supporting Trump to really look at things objectively.


We all know it is illegal for Russians to fraudulently interfere with our election. We all know that setting up a tax cheat scheme 12 years ago was illegal. We all know lying to the FBI is illegal.
Now, where’s the conspiracy with Russia and the Trump campaign?
It may be there, but its still all speculation with no indictments.

What sort of person is Mueller if he has all of this evidence that Trump is and has been working illegally with the Russians and is holding on to all this evidence until he can complete his investigation?
He is letting us be lead by the Manchurian candidate so he can chalk up a win?

We have found out that:

  1. Manaforts team communicated the substance of questioning to the President’s legal team.

  2. The President’s legal team may have used that information in framing the President’s responses to the questions from the special counsel.

  3. The special counsel knows and feels it can prove that manafort continued to lie about matters of fact and substance during this period.

  4. Those lies may have found their way into the President’s responses.

It is not unreasonable to think that Mieller’s apparent unwillingness to stand firm on keeping this provision of the plea deal was intentional. Regardless, it may have ended up yielding dramatic results.

I am confident that mueller and his team are smarter by far than the President and his team.


maybe to an even bigger profit margin? he has already made a pretty big profit for the nation with the investigation. thats a good thing if you ask me.

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yeah kind of like the guys that believed Obama was a gay muslim.


But but the cons are telling me this isn’t bad and that it is fake news…

I was told to have patience. and I’m taking that advice and waiting patiently. Roger Stone, Randy Credico, Jerome Corsi, Julian Assange. lot of players here still left to finish investigating.

You can feel the desperation…




I thought manafort’s deal was scrapped?? Doesn’t that mean he keeps his assets for now too??

Looks like mueller’s just throwing money down the well.