Manafort counsel has been feeding Mueller's questions to Trump legal team

Well, the hits keep coming for Manafort. In this instance, it gives a clue as to how some of the information from the Mueller investigation has been leaked. It seems as though Manafort’s lawyers have been briefing Trump’s legal team about the nature of Mueller’s investigation - including leaking the questions asked during Manafort’s interviews. This was done even after the plea deal was put in place. Giuliani has confirmed these discussions are taking place:

One of the president’s lawyers, Rudy Giuliani, confirmed the ongoing discussions to the Times and said he’d continued getting briefings from Kevin Downing, an attorney for Manafort, who previously served as the campaign manager for President Donald Trump.

It will be interesting to see how this will play into what Mueller is doing on his end with the investigation. In my opinion, this can’t be a good move on Manafort’s part.

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I see some interesting conjecture out there on this. Idea was to trap Trump with Manafort. Trump just did his take home test (he answered all of the questions easily, no lawyers).

This is getting good.


I’m sure we’ll be hearing something to that effect at the next Trump rally. :grinning:




Lol - this is going to get really entertaining. :rofl::rofl:

Entertaining indeed…


Manafort is all in on hoping for a pardon.

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I’m sure all those republicans that thought it was improper for Lynch to meet with Bill Clinton on the tarmac will come here to say Manafort’s lawyers are equally improper.


Rudy Giuliani brought up on witness tampering charges?

Wow that is almost as bad as giving a lawyer immunity and then that lawyer acting as the lawyer for the person being investigated and sitting in on the interview.

Yeah, I’m sure they’ll be in here any second to tell us how improper this is - lol

And I am sure the libs that defended Cheryl Mills getting immunity still acting as H Clinton lawyer and being able to sit in on her interview, will be in here saying it is no big deal. Oh wait not, just more hypocrisy by both sides


why is that bad?

I don’t get it. why is that a problem?

I’m having trouble understanding why that is bad.

A lawyer is questioned about her client’s activities and is promised immunity. That lawyer continues to represent that client.

Wouldn’t that simply be a decision the client would have to make - whether or not to continue with that lawyer? The lawyer testifies - they don’t get information back from eh investigators.

Trump’s whole circle is so dirty. Swamp doesn’t even describe it.

But Hillary’s emails!!!

I wonder if Trump supporters ever stop for just a moment and allow themselves even the slightest bit of honesty with themselves about all this.

Probably not. That would require some integrity…and they’ve long since established they are void of that pesky virtue.

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Why else would they do this if not to coordinate answers? If trump coordinated with manafort’s team when giving written answers this could be a nightmare for trump or don jr…or both

How doesn’t this daily fantasy get boring after 2 years?

Mushy gray matter is all I can come up with.


His lawyers answered those questions?

I’m pretty sure I recall Trump being asked a question by a reporter, out on the White House lawn, about whether his lawyers were answering the questions and his response was that he sat down in the Oval Office and answered them himself.

Gotta go scrub some tape…