Manafort and Cohen..... Nothing Burgers?

Gosh, no news after the 30 hours of interrogations and the convictions. Perhaps Mueller is on hold during the Kavanaugh hearings, but with the great news on the economy and the new trade deal, I was expecting a headline on it, so the media could ignore the news and talk about something else.

Perhaps Mueller or NYT is saving the next headline on Manafort or Cohen for the day Kavanugh is confirmed, so they can ignore that too…

If Mueller did announce something you’d be crying it was too close to midterms


This ain’t no Ken Starr/Brett Kavanaugh investigation. Mueller’s team are tight-lipped. It’s what a real special counsel does.

You’ll find out what they found out in one or both of two places: the counsel’s report or the indictments.

Enjoy the wait.

They had the trials, they got the 30 hours of Interrogation? What could be holding things up?

Three places. Trump’s white house leaks anything they get wind of that they think they can exploit.

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Mueller doesn’t leak.

Manafort agreed to cooperated weeks ago…

So why would you expect the terms of his agreement, or what he knew, at this point? You’ll hear when Mueller’s report is released.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Mueller is keeping his head Dow working. He’s not a politician, so he’s not running around having rallies to grab the media spotlight

If he had something, we’d know before the mid terms.

Getting nervous? Relax, take a breather. Mueller is a true patriot and a meticulous investigator who doesn’t leak so it will take time before all hell breaks loose.


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If these two are “nothing burgers”…then so are half the posters here who yelled at the sky about them.

Was this a Mueller leak?

No, If there was anything we’d would have heard in the first 6 months… This is just the last of the Obama admin’s dishonesty. They could have used these tactics in the IRS investigation and didn’t.

That was a White House leak.

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How do you know?

How so? Who assigned Mueller? Who assigned Rosenstein? Trust the plan.

Because this is the leakiest administration in our history.

Mueller leaks showed the end was near last May…LOL