Man yelling 'anti-Trump' rhetoric opens fire at President's Miami-area golf resort

Breaking news, a man yelling anti-Trump slogans opened fire at a Trump owned property.

The dangerous rhetoric of the left continues to result in violence. It’s a blessing that so far the anti-Trump leftist shooters have not caused more damage due to their incompetence. But I fear the next one could get lucky.

What was he saying, exactly?

Kind of like righty whacko shooters who fired at the White House (1994 and 2013).

Nah, that’s different, those were true Patriots.

Crazy be crazy. Todd him away.

Terrible. It if you want to pretend that this is only a left wing rhetoric issue then you are ignoring reality.

Meanwhile, 8 people dead (most likely teenagers) plus others injured at a high school in Texas this morning. I

Yeah. Cuz a right-wing nutjob didn’t go shooting up a pizzeria in DC due to irresponsible right-wing conspiracy ■■■■■■■■. Nah. The only whackos in this country are libs, right?


Or the one that ran over a woman in Charlottesville.

We all know that right-wing nut jobs are the greatest internal threat that faces this nation. You know, like the Las Vegas shooter that was programmed to believe that the government was going to take his guns. Programmed by whom? Right-wing nut job media. Stop being obtuse and educate yourself.

Please link to any halfway reputable news source for this made up claim.

Police documents released Wednesday about the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history included reports from at least two people who said a person they believed to be the gunman ranted in the days prior to last October’s Las Vegas Strip attack about the federal government and gun control.

Interesting if true.

Not sure it is. Two unverified reports by unnamed individuals doesn’t make it true in a case this huge.

If it is true it means he was one of the tinfoil wearing black helicopters are watching me crazy Person brigade.

The article does say that due to redactions that it’s not 100% clear that was the sole motivation. It’s concerning that people have been fed a line of BS for 30+ years that could be triggered when other life pressures kick in (it is mentioned he was on a losing streak).

Did you hear about this one?

A woman who identified herself as Huff’s mother said she believes her deceased husband built the bombs eight to ten years ago amid fear that the U.S. would descend into martial law under President Barack Obama.

“I blame the government,” she said during a 9-minute conversation in the driveway of the home she shared with her son. “That’s who I blame. They come on TV with, ‘Obama’s going to do martial law and Obama’s helping ISIS’ and all this bulls**t. What’s people to think? That was nationwide, forever.”

Incredible that the mother says “I blame the government” and then “They come on TV with 'Obama’s going to do martial law…”

Who do you suppose “They” are?

I’ll tell you who.

Fox News and other ridiculous right-wing fake news sources, such as WND.


No body that I know of went on TV saying anything like that. Not even Beck on the Blaze to my knowledge.

You had to go looking for that kind of Crazy. So if that the news she and her son were getting, one or the other of them was already looking for it, and since she’s instantly blaming conspiracies I would suspect it’s her.

If only that were true, but it’s not. In 2009 Glenn Beck made the claim that the Obama administration was setting up concentration camps.

The embedded Fox video clip is no longer available, but I bet some deeper digging would turn it up.

In a recent spot on FOX and friends, Beck claimed that he had conducted “research on” the so called concentration camps being built by the Obama WH as part of a conspiracy to establish totalitarian rule in America and the he could not “debunk them.” According to Beck, “If you ave any fear that we might be heading toward a totalitarian state, look out. There is something happening in our country and it ain’t good.”

One person on one show, at one time, does not equal “that was nationwide, forever”. And that’s even without going and watching what was actually said. Huffnpuff Post is even less reliable than the blaze.

Do you recall how BIGLY HUGE Glenn Beck was back in 2009? He was the go-to guy for anti-Obama rhetoric on Fox News and featured nightly in primetime.

Here you go, in his own words…

“One guy” broadcasting misinformation nightly to millions of Fox News watchers, many of them poorly educated rubes, ala the woman from Alabama and her late husband.