Man who stole and sold American ids to Russia to be sentenced

So he stole ids and sold them to the Russians…

Mueller’s office accuses Richard Pinedo of helping Russians launder money as well as pay for Facebook ads and rally supplies. Pinedo pleaded guilty to one count of identity fraud in February,

I’m old enough to remember a time when Russians were seen as devious. I’m older than 2.

Jeremy Lessem, has said his client had no knowledge of the identities or motivations of people who bought his products. The criminal charge against Pinedo was announced by Mueller’s office at the same time it unveiled indictments against 13 Russians and three Russian companies on charges they adopted fake online personas to interfere in U.S. politics. Pinedo faces as much as 18 months in prison and a maximum fine of $55,000.

Is this the Russian collusion libs have been squawking about for 2 years? If the penalty fits the crime…

It’s obviously part of it. Are you defening Russian interference?

Nope…I’m pointing out that the charge was “collusion” not interference…now isn’t that right?

This is obviously the end of the Mueller investigation. It’s all over now libs. Time to go home.

This is precisely why Mueller’s team needs to see the investigation through to it’s end. This is a crime against American citizens which is being prosecuted specifically because of the investigation.

A certain segment of the population seems hung up on the word “collusion” for some reason, but as we can see from this example there is a much broader picture here which can directly affect the lives of specific US citizens.

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I’m still not understanding where you’re going. What are you upset about regarding this article?

I once saw a TV show called COPS. They pulled over someone for speeding and then after smelling pot they searched car and found 5 lbs of Sticky Icky in the Trunk. Where they wrong in doing this Too like you are implying here?

He trying to say that cops should only charge people with one crime that they are assigned to investigate.

Kinda like if a cop got a call about some guy exposing themselves to women in the park. They get the guy and search him and find a human head in bag he is caring. They cops are suppose to ignore the human head and only charge the guy with indecent exposure.

it’s nothing more than an attempt to move the goal posts from collusion to interference because libs now realize that the collusion thingy…was fake. It was nothing more than a fiendish strategy to remove Trump from office by attaching a wide spectrum of leeway to pursue anything they could find along the way. This article substantiates that once again…they didn’t find collusion and here you are babbling out the “evolved” meme…interference.

You arent very good at following a story huh?

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I read the NYT version. Hell of a catch.

Probably a Trump supporter.

Roger Stone :heart: this opinion of yours.

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I think if you laid out the whole story his brain would explode…

It’s possible no one in the trump campaign colluded with the russians. We’ll just have to wait until the investigation is over.

From our outsider POV it seems like SOMEONE was colluding. Between the trump tower meetings, teh high level campaigners who had deep russian ties, the timing of the trump tower/trump asking russia to release emails publicly/release of emails…all speculation, but looks like it’s certainly possible the campaign was coordinating with Russia.

But we’ll see.

Pinedo showed up for his sentencing with hoop earrings. :rofl:

Simple question, is the investigation over yet or no?

Yes. He’s down to arresting Tia Pancha’s Middle of the Mall kiosk guys.

Guess again.