Man That Rudy Cracks Me Up. He Truly Is America's Mayor, and An American Hero

I’m glad he finally got the real story about the corrupt bidens, and what they were doing to steal from the poor Ukrainian people.

Theses sleazy dimocrats have been corrupt for a long, long time and their media friends always cover for them.

btw, any reported biden sightings?? I’ve heard of Shadow Governments, but a Shadow Campaign seems weird. But innovative??


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What did they steal? You have the whole story. Explain to us slower people

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10 failed threads of :rofl:


And counting

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you can see the trumpers starting to panic

Can you?

Panic is a relative thing.

Some people know where they stand. Some don’t.

I’ll be on the high ground once trump beats this latest hoax fantasy.





Biden might be upset because Rudy could know stuff on Biden that Biden cannot remember.

yes, Rudy holds all the information. Rudy.

That would be upsetting.


Maybe you could post the picture from the movie Rudy, when they’re carrying him around on their shoulders.

I can never get pictures to work.


Biden is the one cancelling appearances.


It looks like Rudy was investigating behind the scenes because the FBI and other investigative agencies wouldn’t. Ukraine agents we’re trying to give evidence to the FBI and no one there was interested, because it exposes the real soft coup plot and the fakeness of the DNC/msm/deep state remove Trump narrative.