Man Steals Twin Engine Plane in Tupelo MS

I know it’s not politics but this is rich. Wanna be pilot wiggs out, steals a million dollar plus aircraft then puts it down in a field. Thank goodness he burned up most of the fuel. They’re going to crucify him, the FAA don’t play.

He was threatening to crash it into a Walmart. Wonder what the motive was - concern over trade relations with China ?

We’ve seen McDonalds employs killed over cold French Fries, so nothing surprises us today in this insane environment.

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He managed to learn how to start that aircraft and get it off the ground, fly it around at low altitude without losing control and crashing but not land it at an airfield. LOL
Guess he should have took a couple more lessons?

He must’ve been “high”?

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As someone who has done a lot of simulation flying, landing is the hard part.


That is the truth.

Drugs and too much social media brainwashing.

He had some hours of instruction and had instructor guidance on the radio for this landing. Learning to land begins on lesson one. Most student pilots can set the plane down without hands on by the instructor after a couple of hours in the seat.

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Still the hardest part, not counting things like instrument flying.

But still unremarkable.

Didn’t say it was remarkable, just understandable why he would be reluctant to do it, well that and the getting arrested thing.

At least he didn’t crash into the side of a mountain like that one guy who didn’t wanna go to jail.

Not a lot of mountains around Tupelo, :wink:

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Look at us in the news again.

Damn our potential terrorists are just as incompetent as our government officials.