Man removed fron rally because he didn't clap enough

The President of the United States had a man removed from his rally because he didn’t clap enough.

Think about that.

He was not removed removed for causing a problem.

He was removed for not clapping enough.

He was taken to a back room and had his ID checked by secret service agents…because he didn’t clap enough.

Defend this, Trump supporters. I’m curious.

Would be nice if you’d provide a link to the story.

Was it the Plaid Shirt Guy?

Edit for: Thank you for the link. I was right. That guy was hilarious.

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Guarantee, main answer will be “Trump didn’t do anything, he was giving a speech”.

Probably Kelly Anne’s fault.

Yes it was.

So I open up your link and the very first thing stated says; A high school student was asked to leave a Trump rally in Montana after making animated facial expressions during the President’s speech.

Dude…take a chill pill, relax and try and get over your TDS.

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Was this the rally that Trump was paying people 15 dollars an hour to attend?

3 people behind fat donald were replaced, including one female with a MAGA hat who didn’t clap enough.

It just reinforces how pathetic this President is when it comes to the complete inability to rise above any slight real or perceived.

I’m not a Trump fan but we are talking about the president of the United States here. While it may be a rally, it is not and can never again be comparable to Trump’s campaign rallies prior to the election nor can it be judged from such a perspsective. Anyone acting weird or suspicious is going to be checked out by the secret service. Sweating on a cool day? Checked out. Looking all around a bit excessively? Checked out. Whatever, if it’s unusual you will at the very least get a second look. Every single person in the crowd, no exceptions.


Then you think it was approiate in this guy’s case?


mmm how odd that the “dumbest man on tv” doesnt say anything about him being a proud communist and member of democratic socialists of america and slapped a pin on for that. tried to have his pic taken with trump with that pin on, and tried to get trump to sign a copy of communist manifesto disguised as “art of the deal”

he was up to hijinx on trump, and trump staff spotted him and removed the jackass

since racist idiot Lemon on his “jounalistic” mission from god to get rid of trump wont mention this to his brainwashed hating zombie viewers, read more here before you actually think it all about “enthusiasm” lol

Me? Possibly. I’m willing to give the secret service the benefit of the doubt. Trump’s rally thugs are not in charge anymore at these things.

That idiot was on don lemon last night openly admitting he was trolling trump.

But make him into a victim. It’s what your side does.

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Good Lord, you didn’t even read THE TITLE.

Again, Trump staff is not in charge anymore, secret service is. This is not candidate Trump, this is president Trump and they are going to do their jobs.

perhaps you are correct but the article refers to a staffer spotting him

I remember when I stood front row at an obama rally and heckled his thin-skinned dumb ass. He did not like me.

The secret service didn’t remove me, but I wasn’t on camera directly behind him and he wasn’t the president.

I did get him to respond to me though. What a jerk! Good times.

The President of the United States had a man removed from his rally because he didn’t clap enough.

AZSlim’s mandatory liberal lie of the day.
Not a word in the article about Trump having him removed. As far as I can tell by the video, Trump didn’t even look at him.

Dude :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Nobody else here is unhinged enough to attempt to disrupt a rally