Man in MAGA Hat Assaulted and Robbed in Germantown, MD

Should MAGA hat wearing citizens become a protected class?

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America has a long history of persecution of people wearing unpopular headwear. All hats matter.

A BLM hat is any NFL or NBA hat that still has the sticker on it. You know black people stuff.

There are good people on both sides of this story.


For trump and his supporters lying is their first instinct…

But all “terror attacks” are right wing. Sure. The most persecuted people in America are white conservative Christian men.

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Its a choice and if they wanted to not be treated as abnormal they should not act abnormal…

Why is it so hard for them to assimilate to germantown culture?

I get it so someone wearing a red hat is the new abnormal yet a man wearing a pink polka dot dress with a hello kitty purse and high heels is a ok in wokeville.

I thought intent mattered?

I hope they throw the book at them. Attacking free speech is really sad. The left is very intolerant. I bet most of the leftists don’t believe it, but believed Smollett…

By George, you’ve got it!

Geese! I thought all Trump supporters would know by now that they’re not entitled to their own points of views! They need to fall in line and conform to what the Democrat
Politicians want them to say, do, and how they want them to vote, and act. lol.

I’m guessing that the Liberal Media probably thinks that Trump voters
deserve to be Assaulted.

After all……….Just look at Maxine Watters, and the Fake News Media, and
Hillary calling us names and labeling us. lol.

Well, at least your muggers weren’t Amish. The Amish seem especially troublesome over in Europe these days.

That’s in Europe. How are they in America?

Over here? Well, the pro-Monsanto government clamped down of their dairy … you know what they say, with the Amish don’t be surprised in chickens come home to roost.

That wasn’t an Anti-Semitic Remark was it? What do you have against
the Amish?

I think they’re a very simple folk, and more Americans should
be less materialistic personally. I don’t see why you or most anyone should be attacking them. Especially when they keep to themselves for the most part.

Ah, you must not be familiar with the meme.

Over in Europe, or wherever,whenever some terrorist attack occurs or some gal gets acid thrown on her and the government’s just can’t seem to say why they did it (even though they may have been yelling something about Allah) some folks have taken to saying things like “was it the Amish?” because it is most expressly NOT the Amish, but that other bunch, and people seem afraid to speak the plain simple facts.

So it’s not against the Amish but a form of mocking those who deny the Islamic root causes of such acts.

Note: the whitewashing of mentioning Islam from the Fort Hood report would’ve qualified but it happened too early for the meme.

so Trump voters lives don’t matter do Democrat Politicians then?