Man in MAGA Hat Assaulted and Robbed in Germantown, MD

More violence against trump supporters and barely a whisper about it in the media.

"The two harassed the Germantown man, asking why he was wearing the hat, and he responded that he was entitled to his own views, according to a police account released Monday.

Crawford and Roberson began striking the man, telling him to remove the hat, until he fell, and then stole and damaged the man’s property, police said. Authorities did not say what property was taken or damaged."

Pretty sure that “Bethesda Magazine” is a form of media…

Pretty sure nobody is going to defend the men who assaulted the guy.

Seems like an outside the beltway topic though.

They need to change the name of that town.

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Here is the Washington Post whispering about this story …


They should be prosecuted for assault.

Why lie about ‘liberals’ and the ‘media’?

Conservative persecution complex.

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A mugging…but never miss an opportunity to make it more for victimization purposes.


Lets wait for the full investigation

The Jussie lesson learned?

Ashley Todd learned

Now, so you didn’t learn it from then for Jussie.

Did you not learn anything from Ashley Todd?

So you are upset because an assault in Germantown didn’t make the national media. Should every assault be national news? Was every single murder yesterday posted in the national media? Should they have been? Or should only those that fit the “conservative” narrative be trumpeted nationally and ■■■■ all the others???

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If a man in a BLM hat was assaulted and robbed by Trump supporters in Germantown, it would be national use.

If a man in a transgender hat was assaulted, it would also be national news.



That goes against their whiney narrative!

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Do you consider The Washington Post National news?


They probably took his maga hat because its cool

What’s a BLM hat and what’s a transgender hat?

The MAGA hat is important because it’s championed by the President of the United States of America. There is no BLM or “transgender” equivalent.