Man In Custody After Swastikas Found Painted On Gravestones

He painted swastikas on a bunch of stuff like gravestones (some being vets) right before Memorial Day. The graveyard had to rush and power wash a ton of stuff just to have their ceremony. He spray painted cars and homes too (I think).

Didn’t we fight a fairly big war to rid the world of the guys who think like him??

Anyway, listen to what the kid at the end of this video says…

When people use the internet to find things that piss them off, it’s time for a schmoke and a pancake.

If we can find humor in this, this white supremacist more resembles what I’d have guessed Muhammad to look like.

Even the libs ar the University of California condone anti-jew hate.

What’s funny about that?

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10 chara

So, no humor. Okay.

I’m curious as to why this is in Outside the Beltway. Did you originally put it there, CITM?


Yet the thread about a British guy that no one has heard of is still in Politics. Funny how that works.

There’s a man in dire need of karmic comeuppance.

If this clown claims he has a free speech right to disfigure other peoples and public property with his obscenities, then the two cases would both have political implications. “I did it cause I was drunk” is not a political issue.

What I don’t get is that we have gone all the way to post 10 and no one has typed “There are good people on both sides” (except me, of course)

You should have kept that post to yourself. It’s a terrible argument.