Man fatally shoots son-in-law amid a birthday surprise

Somehow I just know that “moar gunz!!” is the answer here:

A Florida man who shot and killed his son-in-law who jumped out of a bush to surprise him for his birthday will not face criminal charges, authorities said.

Christopher Bergan, 37, had arrived in Florida from Norway on Tuesday night to surprise his wife’s father, Richard Dennis, 61, Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson said [at a news conference Thursday]

The sheriff called the shooting “totally accidental,” saying it was preceded by an unrelated incident at about 9:30 p.m. that night when a relative banged on Dennis’ front door. The banging startled Dennis, who went outside and ran the person off, the sheriff said.

Tragic story.

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no being “moar careful” is the answer

sorry this makes no sense. not sure what sex has to do with it

if you have a real point make it so we can discuss

Stories like these run counter to the tired notion that the more armed we are, the safer we are. It’s not just malicious, it’s tragic accidents like these that are more likely to happen with everyone running around armed to the teeth.

That’s a sham… wait WHAT!?!

He surprised him from the bushes and the old man still managed to shoot him? I have been told many times that’s simply not possible.


Who told you that ?

Why is that?

cause if you carry deadly weapons, you’re more likely to get deadly results

Hoplophobes on this very forum.

freak accident. not a good argument against the ability to defend yourself with a firearm

which is a good thing in terns of self defense

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No doubt. Maybe the lesson to be learned is don’t hide in the bushes like a child and jump out growling.

Or maybe just don’t ■■■■ with old men.


How is it a freak accident?

Yeah. That dude was Norwegian.

I guess in the socialistic hellhole of Norway where the oppressive government has deprived the populace of the right to carry firearms you’re still free to surprise someone on their birthday without being shot to death :man_shrugging:

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by not being a common accident

11:30 at night you jump out of bushes growling, what the hell you think is going to happen? Scarecam?

Wonder if old dude is a vet.

Not an accident at all. He meant to shoot. At the threat.

most people dont get shot when they do this

And some do.

Would have been better if old guy had a heart attack.

it was not a threat