Man arrested, incarcerated, totally innocent faced fees for incarceration

“In October 2013, acting on a tip from Lexington police that allegedly linked Jones’ Internet Protocol address to a child sex video downloaded from the web, the Clark County Sheriff’s Department raided his home in a Winchester apartment complex and arrested him.

Jones’ bond was set at $15,000, more than he could afford to pay“

Here was a guy, totally innocent who spent 14 months in jail awaiting trial, could not bail, so he rotted in jail. He was cleared when they could not find the child porn he allegedly downloaded from all of his seized devices. 14 months! Then had the audacity to charge the man 4K in jail fees.


Court system in america is horrible to poor americans.

It’s a disgraced!

Thats Kentucky. In jersey they don’t have cash bail. Guy would have been out and free until trial.