Man angry about virginity pleads guilty to terrorism charge


It’s best to just ignore people that are against others educating themselves.


Probably true. :slight_smile:


So tell me how do you educate yourself on theses websites without going on them?


Looking at a website to see what’s there is the same as hanging out on them? Ok


Stop, you’re making yourself look foolish.


Truth hurts


You seem to know an awful lot about that web site and the people who hang out there. How did you learn so much about them if you don’t hang out there too?


Same question. How do you know so much about them if you don’t associate wth them? You’re not just taking someone else’s word for it I hope.


So why does it matter if they have gone to those websites? I sometimes go to incel message boards but don’t post because I’d be banned for not being an incel. I suspect a lot of other non-incels are lurking on those message boards as well. They’re a pretty revealing look on the modern world.


I lurk around those areas as well. It’s important to keep tabs on organized groups who think you’re a degenerate and should die.


I hang out on a conservative forum.

Does not make me a conservative.

Certainly exposes to many different types of conservatives, and how many of them think.


there are TONS of groups that don’t want others to know how they REALLY think and they fake it in public.

to me that’s cowardly. if, say, you think women are less than men just go ahead and have the guts to say it. or any other nutty view.


If you are talking about this Forum, that ship sailed long ago. This Forum has become a Liberal bastion in spite of the stated purpose for its existence.


Then you must be a liberal because you hang out at a liberal forum.


If they are faking it in public how do you know about it? You must be one of them.


Well, I don’t associate with Islamic terrorists yet somehow know they exist. I wasn’t alive during the French Revolution yet I am pretty sure it happened.

What is this odd notion that one needs to be intimately associated with someone or something to know a few things about them ?


Not really a new phenomena, btw. Before the nut in Toronto last year, Elliot Rodgers, etc… there was a 49 year old guy in Pittsburgh who shot up an aerobics class in LA Fitness cause he hadn’t had sex in 20 years or something (his online diary is still up, btw) . And wasn’t Virginia Tech shooter in 2007 an incel as well ?

There is a very large amount of lone wolf males who think they are entitled to sex/relationships but can’t find either and some of them get angry to the point of committing very violent acts.


Good point. :wink:


Knowing they exist and knowing what they think are too very different things.


Not sure if they necessarily believe they are entitled to women, but they are just depressed they can’t get one. That depression and sense of failure causes them to feel like they have nothing to lose, so they commit these horrible crimes.