MAMA GRIZZLY: Palin Says Men Don’t Harass Her Because ‘She’s Packing’ | Sean Hannity

Former Vice Presidential nominee and vocal advocate of the Second Amendment told reporters on Friday that sexual assault and misconduct were “serious issues,” adding that most men wouldn’t mess with her because she was “probably packing” a gun in the workplace.

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Too bad Fat Donald hadn’t tried to move on her like a bitch, or tried to grab her ■■■■■ when she worked at Fox News.

“Worked” is a pretty strong word for what she did at Fox News.

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True. So true.

Most men wouldn’t “mess with” here because she’s:

1.) Irrelevant
2.) Annoying
3.) Irrelevant
4.) Not worth it
5.) Irrelevant
6.) Over her “15 minutes”
7.) Irrelevant
8.) Did I say “irrelevant”?

Bro, I’m queer and I would mack sooooo hard on that. Have you lost your mind?