Males Leaving College

:rofl::+1:t4: These guys are incredible! Not going to college makes a male an “existential threat!”

“Why are they leaving and where are they going!?!” :rofl:

They are figuring out they don’t need another 4 years and $100k in debt to have a life!


As long as they’re getting laid and don’t get red pilled it should be okay.


Yes, and it’s really frustrating the co-eds looking for a good man

What is he saying when he said this “too many of the most dangerous cohort in the world”. Is he saying less indoctrinated/feminizing men are less dangerous to society?

Help me out here libs…since you all know lib speak.


I’m pretty sure he is talking about incels. He said something along the lines of, uneducated, depressed men, without a job, and not able to get a woman, are dangerous. Which I agree with, incels are some pretty horrible people.

What this video lacks, is if men are not going to college, what are they doing? Are technical schools counted in their stats? Are they going into a trade? Starting a business? What?

There isn’t enough information given.

Ha - Scott Galloway is a hoot. He’s a 9 figure tech guy who has had a couple of successful foundings and sales, but also gives famously bad investment advice.

I read a bit ago that an anti-Galloway ETF would have a 150% annualized return over the past ten years.

Also he’s the opposite of an incel so I get the animosity. Total Chad.

This guy ■■■■■.

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The problem is it shouldn’t cost $100,000.

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The problem is college doesn’t make a genius out of a dullard.


Sounds to me they aren’t being raised as men…thus the problem.


True, but they don’t all have to be geniuses. It still shouldn’t not cost $100k to get a degree.

The average college grad earns more than people without, and as long as you don’t major in gender studies or something it more than pays for itself.

Well, that may not be as true as we have been led to believe.


Why do you think this may be the case?

Truth be told, I’m seriously starting to wonder even about some of these trade programs.

I’ve a few acquaintances who got everything from electrician to EMT to physicians’ assistant certification, and they haven’t been able to find work in those fields.

Hopefully those men who opt out of college—at least immediately after high school—go straight to work or military service.

I looked into it.

Make your case. I’m interested to hear what you came up with.

I will say this. If young people don’t start choosing trade careers like carpentry,
electrician and plumbing, soon no one is going to know how to do anything.

They should be there to better their education, not looking for an MRS degree.

What makes you say that?

You are correct. My nephew didn’t go for four years of college but instead concentrated on computer technical courses. He is over 30 today, has a very nice house, goes on vacations with his wife and two children. The dire warnings of that alarmist really aren’t applicable.

Show us the mass of failures of those who didn’t go to college.