Make puerto rico and washington dc states

I like it.

Colonialism is ugly.

:rofl: excellent. Please do like the english: Governor of California and King of America.

Anything to hasten the revolution.

The founders were brilliant.

The inevitable result of the 17th Amendment.

Only Puerto Rico, if they choose to be.
I can’t support changing existing traditional borders in the Continental US for political aims. There will be thousands of states by the end of the century.

Why do they get to choose? They would be joining us, not us joining them.

We need to vote on whether or not to extend the invitation.

A plebiscite on the plebiscite as it were.

I vote nay.

Like I’ve said, the cons will oppose it.

The scenario is that the Dems have enough votes to pass Admission through the House and the Senate. That doesn’t sound like the party in power (Dem.) would need new states to control the government.

The “only two options” bothers me. The Puerto Rican people are US citizens. Would the Independence option revoke their citizenship? (Involuntary revocation of citizenship for being born in the wrong place?!?) Or would the residents of the newly independent country have dual citizenship?

What part of the constitution governs the admitting of new states?

Article IV Section 3 governs the admission of new states.
Article IV Section 4 guarantees that all states will have a republican form of government.
It boils down to a bill. No super majority required.

My issue with the plebiscite isn’t the admission side (although how to insure that congress admits P.R. if the vote goes that way is a problem, but congress lying to people about sovereignty isn’t really new.)

My issue is, if the proposed plebiscite goes for Independence, how will the US treat the 45+% of the people (US citizens) who didn’t vote for independence.

Ditto. All this talk about whether or not they want to be a state as if we have no say in the matter. I don’t want them either, at least not while their finances are in the sewer and the murder rate is worse by half again than any state we have now.

Pretty much given up on the working man which was their main base, so let’s make more states.

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If Puerto Rico gains independence, its residents and and child born prior to the effective date of independence would remain natural born United States Citizens even after independence, having dual citizenship with the United States and Puerto Rico. Their citizenship would never go away.

Now children born ON or AFTER the effective date of independence would be natural born citizens of Puerto Rico only, but would retain a jus sanguinus claim to United States Citizenship. And, of course, United States Citizens can freely travel to the United States to give birth, which would then confer natural born citizenship.

Anybody with any sense will.

Revoked. It would be a separate country. Those in the US have 90 days to choose.


In terms of citizenship, all Puerto Ricans are “in the US”.

(This is all bit silly, since I can’t see congress allowing the plebiscite to dictate what congress does. The powers that be like the situation the way that it is.)

We already have at least one Columbia in MD.